historicalseditions OP wrote

Do you mean generally why bother digging up old dusty history?

Suppose there are many reasons, besides of course pure curiosity and pleasure.

Our focus, and something we want to encourage folks to look into, has been on local anarchist history. Its eye opening to learn the ways people have carved out new ways of being, have fought the state and powers at be, etc. Our distro often travels to events like nearby small-town pride fests to table zines, and bringing tales of local queer history alongside accounts of old ELF incendiary actions and historic Wobbly clashes in the next town over always seems to connect with people in a way that makes them more interested in checking out more.

But if youre thinking of "how" to start off doing your own digging that's certainly a bit bigger of a question to answer, since it can start from a lot of directions :P