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I couldn't agree more, anarchism is quite plainly the end goal of communism, once the bourgeois states are destroyed and replaced by democratic proletarian ones (maybe 3-4 generations after the initial revolution), then the state will wither away and bring about a stateless society. This is anarchism.

Unfortunately many strains of anarchism endorse petite bourgeois capitalism and are derived from reactionary liberal philosophy / individualism. There are of course good anarcho-communists who are Marxists, but a lot of the anarchists on this site seem to be of the lifestylist tendency where they don't actually want to fight for revolution but just enjoy the aesthetic of being a rebel (without a cause).


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You people really need to stop using the word "power" as a pejorative. What about the people's power? Power is only bad if it's utilised for badness.

If a person refuses to justify his authority then that proves his authority isn't justified and they are an oppressor.


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Joseph Dietzgen came up with dialectical materialism after Marx died, but based on Marx's theories. Marxism is more than simply the writings of Marx...

Making Coca-cola a cooperative won't prevent it from manufacturing plastic.

Of course it would, we would democratically opt to switch to plant based polymers.

There's nothing natural and unavoidable on the shape of society humans arrange themselves into.

Then you believe capitalism will go on forever? That's ignorant of the way society works. Perhaps natural was the wrong word... It's scientific. Capitalism has to fall away to communism in the end because it cannibalises itself by its very nature. We have to embrace communism in order to survive.


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"Anarchism is a tendency in human development that seeks to identify structures of hierarchy and domination, authority, and others that constrain human development - and then it seeks to subject them to a very reasonable challenge: Justify yourself. Demonstrate that you're legitimate - maybe in some special circumstances or conceivably in principal. And if you can't meet that challenge - which is the usual case - the structure should be dismantled. And as Nathan rightly adds, not just dismantled but reconstructed from below."


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Authoritarian values and perspectives.

Anyone who thinks Marxism promotes authoritarian values doesn't have a very good understanding of dialectics or historical materialism. The laws of the development of human society (historical materialism) show us without a doubt communism is an inevitability. The productive forces (technology regarding production and the skill of labor regarding production) will develop to the point of the necessity of the socialization of the means of production (as Stalin points out in "Dialectical and Historical Materialism"). There's nothing authoritarian about this natural progress of social development, not any more than a lion is authoritarian for eating a zebra. It's just natural.


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I'm likewise very interested in communalism and democratic confederalism and am planning to read Bookchin next.

they focus on immediate, pure 100% horizontalism

I completely agree about that. I'm all for left unity until the revolution is done with. If the USSR showed anything it's that communism can't succeed if capitalism is powerful, so we've gotta destroy it first and debate later. It's just that I think we will need revolutionary governments and we will need to direct the power of the state at the bourgeoisie if we want the revolution to succeed. And after we destroy capitalism, I would be worried that it would return quickly if we don't ensure it's demise and teach people how to exist without it. Only after several generations will communism truly be cemented and we'll be able to let our guard down and declare the 100% horizontalism or utopia.


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I have a lot of respect for Noam since he was the first person who introduced me to anti-capitalist thought. After I read him, I read Kropotkin and then Marx/Engels, Parentis, Lenin, Bakunin and now I'm starting Proudhon but it isn't really gelling with me so far.

I haven't read Vaush yet, but I'll add it to my docker.


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I think the goals of all anarchists are very well defined:

Radical democracy (various forms)




No unjustified hierarchies

Decentralised communes

Mutual aid


No borders

Rehabilitative justice