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What would make an alternative better? It is difficult to say if anything would be better for you if we don't know what you're looking for. Would you prefer to work with static pages instead of messing around with a database? Do you want something lighter weight than Wordpress that will run on a cheap VPS? Do you believe http was a mistake and need something that works with gopher?


hillbillygothic wrote

I almost made it all the way through, then the Chronicle called Black Bloc a "faction" and I just couldn't go further.

Has anyone here read this book? It sounds like it could be interesting.


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On the serious tip: what are we prepared to do about this? There are going to be a lot of displaced fellow workers that will need material support when these chains start going belly up. It would be good to have an organized response ready so people don't end up loosing their homes or starving to death.