hewn wrote

if you don't want to endorse a hatefully bigoted website, it'd be a good idea to use https://donotlink.it/ instead of linking it directly and giving it more prominence in search engine results.

also, there's no need for pedantry. gamebox3000's post is perfectly comprehensible regardless of spelling, they make a very good point, and there's no reason why "internet" need ever be capitalized unless you're writing professionally and it's required by your employer's/client's style guide.


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the burden shouldn't be placed on disabled people to always bring their own straws to establishments (and constantly clean them), though.

also, are plastic straws really such an important priority in eliminating waste? it feels more like a visible & cheap green PR move to me, a way to seek customer approval without making changes in less consumer-visible areas (e.g. manufacturing & distribution) that would cost actual money to enact. but i haven't researched this particular issue.


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i believe anna anthropy took it down due to disillusionment about empathy games and people feeling they could understand trans women's experiences after playing a single game. i vaguely remember her writing about this, but now her blog just redirects to her itch.io page. you can read some of her sentiments about it in this article, though: https://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2017/0920/Empathy-games-tread-thin-line-between-edutainment-and-virtual-voyeurism