herewegoagain wrote

what's your problem with terror, styx?

yes, some non-white and some indigenous people are terrorists. some white people are terrorists. idk why an anarchist would be so upset about this.

and no, being a terrorist doesn't make you a fascist. using asymmetrical violence (usually for political ends, but also anti-political) makes you a terrorist. again, idk why an anarchist would be so upset about the idea.

you might not like him, but obvs ted k isn't a fascist. and obvs neither am i. it says a lot about you two that you can't hold a conversation without resorting to bookchin-esque name calling with anyone who disagrees with you.


herewegoagain wrote

When we say eco-extremism, generally we don't talk about indigenous people, maybe in Chile one of the objectives is disguise as Indigenous as possible bc at the end you are descendants of the indigenous people, but again they are not the indigenous themselves.

The communiques of the varied eco-extremist groups claim indigeneity. 'The old gods', 'the sacred ground', 'the ancestors' etc are constant themes in all the eco-extremist writing I've read since the mid 2010s.