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No, there's no typo. I'm saying that there is nothing that you, a person who advocates for genocide, can teach us that we'd want to learn.

It isn't a misunderstanding. It's the conclusion of the national socialist political campaign. We know this because it's what happened. Saying that it should not have happened doesn't remove you from guilt of association. You can't just ignore the history of the nazis by saying that it shouldn't have happened. It did. And it did on purpose. With very particular malice and aforethought.

And you looked at those atrocities, and what, thought to yourself "hmmm despite that they had good ideas"? Cool. Except that genocide is the end result of those "good ideas" so they cannot be good.


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I think this is some purity politics and you should be kinder to yourself.

this is, as I understand it, not a job that you're doing because you want to. but because you have to because of familial obligations. you are stuck by circumstances and they suck. but sometimes we're stuck. when you're able to remove yourself from those obligations you will.


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because Cuellar is a conservative as is the majority of the democratic party. they don't like it when progressives run against incumbents. they've backed the conservative incumbent in almost every contest against a progressive candidate. shit, when AOC was elected over Crawley, Pelosi issued a statement that basically said "this doesn't mean anything!"