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This has nothing to do with illegalism. It belongs in lobby or meta.


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Fury Road is really good and actually has a lot of pretty rad themes (feminist, anti-authority, even kind of anticiv imo). The youtube channel Innuendo Studios did some solid videos on it.


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It seems like you're asking about techniques/strategies, which belongs more in f/Illegalism. This forum is for illegalist theory/politics/history/etc.


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Plainclothes LP are always a possibilty. Be on the lookout for anyone who seems like they're following you/trying to catch you in the act. Employees who agressively offer help may be LP too. Just make sure nobody can see you when you conceal.


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So many. I'm gonnna go with "One Last Big Job" by Ramshackle Glory

Idk. I have 3 cats and they're pretty cool but they're also lowkey assholes. Cuttlefish are pretty rad and cephalopods in general are freaky smart.

The His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillp Pullman. It's about killing god and also there's polar bears that wear armor.

Frozen wasteland. Am mayonaisse.


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This isn't about collective punishment, it's about the fact that f/shoplifting has consistently bred a toxic culture that creates a lot of hostility against everyone else on raddle and has led to some of our most vulnerable users being repeatedly harrassed. f/shoplifting users who aren't bigots will be perfectly welcome to continue using the site and to discuss shoplifting in other forums. The fundamental problem, as I understand it at least, is that f/shoplifting has become this very insular community seperate from the rest of raddle where most people aren't interested in any of the actual reasons this site exists. They just expect it to be another reddit. Creating a space where queer and trans (and especially trans femme) folks can feel safe is way more important than keeping that forum. There are a lot more places online where you can ask for boosting advice than there are places where trans people don't face constant harrassment.


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About a year ago I had a really bad episode of insomnia along with constant panic attacks and like, near-catatonic depression. Not sleeping at all fucking sucks, and shit my episode was only a couple weeks, I can't even imagine that for months. I really really hope you can feel better soon <3