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Would you be comfortable doing it over voice, or would you prefer text?

I have some reservations about voice myself, as even without the privacy concerns I'm not sure how well my social anxiety will deal with talking to a bunch of internet anarchist I've never met; I'd like to hear other people's thoughts about it.

In that case, Apocalypse World would definitely not be fantasy. The only particularly fantastical thing (aside from still having usable gasoline 50 years after the apocalypse) is psionics.


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Hadn't considered Mastodon, I'll look into how well that might work. Does it have any sort of voice feature, or just text? If we're going to just use text, I think the best choice might be to just use IRC or Matrix.

The game I was gonna suggest we play is Apocalypse World, which I guess may or may not meet the criterion of "non-fantasy" depending on how you define fantasy.


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Glad to hear it comrade. I'm working on getting involved in the little things too.

Oh, and I'd recommend checking out if there's an anarchist bookstore/infoshop or other anarchist space in your city. That can be a good place to meet like-minded folks and learn about ways to get involved.


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To be honest, I don't actually do a whole lot. And yeah, that makes me a massive hypocrite. I really am trying to get more involved, but I don't really know how. It certainly doesn't help being in a town where I am literally the only anarchist.

Like, I have a general idea what direct action can look like. And I really think we can be using a diversity of tactics. So I guess the answer to what kind of fighting we should be doing is "whatever you can".

Squat abandoned buildings if you can. Do guerilla gardening if you can. Do Food not Bombs if you can. Throw molotovs at cops if you can. Make agitprop if you can. Make music if you can. Distribute zines if you can. Slash the tires on ICE vehicles if you can. Write to prisoners if you can. I don't think there's really any set formula for what resistance should look like. Even little things can be a good start.

Edit: Oh, and for some ideas and instructions for various types of direct action I'd recommend the CrimethInc book "Recipes for Disaster". It has a lot of useful information


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I kinda like the idea of organizing a raddle RPG group but that might make it hard to preserve anonymity/privacy

Like, we could do it all through some libre and secure voice chat software (not really sure what the options are there), but even then I'm not sure how okay people are with talking to other raddlers over voice chat. And while it's possible to run an RPG entirely over text, it's very difficult and not nearly as fun.

So I guess for now that goes in the "seems cool but probably not gonna happen" box.