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this has more to do with ignoring particularly the voices of our trans femmes and whether this is not only a safe place for them but whether people actually stand on the same side as them and are willing to fight for and with them. as toast already mentioned in another thread by n_n which is about this and not some other shit, gladra and clouds (and others) have gone over this in great detail and on the former's one can still see many of their comments, which have been ignored. again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and... bandaids can't fix a wound that needs stitches or amputation.


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np and good luck with whatever you're dealing with, hopefully you can find what you need and like I said, if you need more help with whatever just shoot me a message


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You're actually fine, I'm just pointing out that things have been said again and again, but people aren't listening in general. That n_n brought it up again shouldn't be an invitation for them to have to explain once again about these things. Look through galdra's posts, you should be able to find suggestions that have been offered in the past.


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I agree with everything you're saying and galdra, clouds, you, n_n, others keep talking about it but no one fucking listens until things boil over and then there's the "okay, well tell us..." and you already fucking have or if someone takes the time to repeat it, it gets brushed aside in large part (some things are listened to and some changes do happen, can't ignore that) and justified away.

if you have the time/energy to write something up, I think it would be good, but I'm not going to say you should. how many times does the same thing have to be said before we fucking listen to all of you?