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I know, right? I find it insane the there a literal, actual NAZIS which ACTUALLY EXIST!

Like, seriously, actually exist! And on the rise too!

It's terrifying! I didn't think racism had much power, let alone literal naziism! But apparently nazis are organizing, and through some pretty scary tactics such as memetic warfare as well D: !


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Hah! I knew I shouldn't have trashed my heavily dilapidated old things! Maybe now someone can use the raw materials.

I wonder if I could use this to distribute things I manufacture for free. I've been wanting to do a project like that for a while.

Edit: Holy cow, there's actually one in my area :O! There's never anything in my area!


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Why the age restrictions? Aren't they a bit high? I personally joined Reddit around the age of 14, so it would make sense that some Raddle users may want to join around a similer age. Also:

Mature content must be clearly marked by the submitter using the [NSFW] tag in the title of the submission. Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to view this content. Mature content includes anything of a graphically violent or sexual nature.

Isn't including content of sexual nature in here now redundent, since it is now banned? Also, on a side note, what is wrong with those under 18 viewing things of sexual nature anyway?? I never understood…


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Hmm... the flag is actually based on the Esperanto flag combined with the original LGBT flag and the anarcho-communism star :/. I didn't think it would come off as US... It's just a placeholder, anyway. No one voted on any flags, but I needed something to put on the website (mostly because I was thinking about asking for the mods of /r/micronations to put it in the top with the other flags for advertising).

What type of thing with GitHub, btw? The current organization platform is a sub-reddit, and I plan on making a blockchain-based voting system at some point. For the website, maybe? Or constitutions?

As for dedication, I plan on dedicating my life to it if necessary, so I wouldn't say that would be a problem.

What other attempts are there at organizing? It seems absolutely futile to organise where I live, hence wanting to create a micronation (or technically a commune. I originally called it a micronation, but someone pointed out that calling it a commune would be more accurate).


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I've been slowly getting less and less confident over time, trying to pander to as much people as possible, as no one has really given any really good feedback. Should I remove that line? I originally started with this post, but have been removing more and more from the description for fear of being controversial or accidentally making a point which is not anarcho-communist.

I honestly don't really care much about the specifics; I just want to create a free, anarcho-communist society...

Edit: please help me though if I don't understand it. Part of the reason all of these edits have happened is that I'm afraid of exactly that; all I have really done is read the Wikipedia article and agreed with every point, as well as points made in anarchist subreddits. The vague line about constitutions is a direct result of me not being sure how much that goes along with anarchism, actually...