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Im not trying to defend them and i dont want them here either. Total deletion might have to be the solution, but its an incredibly authoritarian choice. I think options should be explored before making a decision that will effect the credibility of the anarchist philosophy that the admins of this website hold.


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What about a long temporary freeze on f/shoplifting? (Does postmill have that capibility?)

I think its incredibly reactionary to delete an entire community because some users were bad. Its a more complicated situation because its the reason why these terrible users are staying which is why a freeze might be better. A freeze will also keep all of the wikis and information that members have contributed over time and keep it accessible.


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Even if I am totally wrong, may I suggest that you just be quiet and listen to peoples concerns instead of dogmatically arguing with them? There is a post about you in TOSbreaches so this might be a good time to be quiet and maybe apologize and figure out why people are upset?


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13 of the 52 posts (fnordian told you to drop out of this conversation a while ago too) in this thread are from you defending yourself or your opinions. If you dont think that is derailing then we can agree to disagree.

What makes a post spam if your eyes?


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I think college is a great thing to attend if you have the means to attend.

College is so much harder if you have a hard time focusing, getting debilitating anxiety or stress, panic attacks, etc.

College is also a huge time commitment. Year after year of studying stuff you wouldnt necessarily choose to read or write about, telling friends and comrades that youre busy with school.

That said, going to college wont make you a worse person/anarchist and you'll likely be much more educated than if you chose to self study.

Will tuition, room, and board be reasonable and affordable? Im sure you dont live in the US with absolutely fucked higher education prices, but I dont know what it might look like where you live. Maybe that money could be used for something else that would be more enlightening or helpful to you.


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Never occurred to me before to remove microphones and such from my devices for security. I think a more in depth write up in a wiki with pictures would be a really great addition if I may suggest that.


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The vegan plan is for people in the global north to stop eating as much meat and hopefully become vegan as well. Its something like 66% of all plant matter gets grown to feed livestock while eating livestock is 25% efficient in energy consumption than eating plants instead. Possibly I don't understand your question but the solution to me is for people to stop eating meat.

The problem isn't rural farmers, or indigenous communities, or the global south. The global north per capita consumers a lot more meat than individuals in the global south. The problem are the individuals living in cities where adapting a vegan diet is much, much easier. There are so many people with easy access to a vegan diet but they remain eating meat for selfish reasons.