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It seems they like REALLY high humidity. I only had space to put two in humidity domes inside my grow tent, the rest are sitting in various experimental spots around the house to find the best germ method.

It's p humid in my area so hopefully it won't be too hard to harden them off outside. They take like 3 years to start producing alkaloids though. I have two that look like they're going to pull through, the rest are dicey. I might just wait until this cycle of weed plants is out of the tent, order another batch of seeds, and dedicate the tent to coca for a little while. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to find friends who want any extras I have.

These are E. Novo btw, not E. Coca, but functionally speaking the difference doesn't matter much to me

Feel free to DM if you'd like the vendor info


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I know enough theory to know that trick lol

But I want to be able to add a skill to the toolkit and be able to do things that separate myself from everyone and their stepmom who's a DJ right now, like jam out over some records and hotmix drum machines and stuff into sets. Kinda makes it so I should know some other keys besides Cmaj, Amin, Cflat minor pentatonic, and Eflat major pentatonic


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I started using some app so I can learn how to play piano. Piano was this big mountain I've always been afraid to climb, but it's probably the most important skill I could be building as a musician, so I figure now is the time to build the habit vs. once I have social engagements competing for my time and attention.

I hope that last weekend was the final false spring of the year, I'm gonna cry if I have to watch my plants go through another cold front in like the middle of May


groovygardener42069 wrote Underground Ministries ft. Kenny Bobien - I Shall Not Be Moved Donnie McClurkin - We Fall Down (David Harness Mix) << Serious grown folk only type music, fucking tears dripping on the dancefloor with this one Kerri Chandler ft. Treasa F - Heal My Heart - Divine Situation - Going On << technically not house, but worth a drop Sharon Johnson - A Better Day << funky 80s gospel goodness Akabu - Ride The Storm (Joey Negro Solar Jazz Mix) << technically not gospel, but a fucking BANGER of a track that also falls under the category of "Grown Folk Music"

That should be enough to get you going down a good rabbit hole :) Let me know if you have a favorite!

Also worth noting - Robert Hood is an ordained pastor as well as a legendary techno DJ. He is the person behind that Floorplan track I mentioned in the other comment. Also also worth nothing - Osunlade is another house DJ who is also an ordained Yoruba priest, so I guess there's a second youtube rabbit hole for ya

If the DJ ever dropped one of those jams while you're blissing out on a nice clean roll (or whatever it is u get off on you know), you would feel the spirit too, that's all I'm saying

And to OP: I'd say anti-religion as a cultural perspective is a lost cause, it's been taken over by fascists and personally, I don't want it back. Give me the cultural and spiritual diversity of all that the universe has to offer. Mythology is important and the fact that people project too much of themselves onto mythology doesn't change that


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It is wonderful! I'll grab a link list a little later today and post to the thread.

From what I understand, it's really big up in New Jersey, where there are actually a few churches that put out gospel house tracks almost as vanity label releases. But it's also a huge trope in the Soulful House scene in general.

Are you normally a big house/techno head? Nowadays there's so many styles, regional scenes and subgenres that it's hard to tell that we're on the same page

But yeah, I'll put together a list of some gospel disco/80s boogie/house jams a little later, but offhand I'd suggest checking out the house edits of Candi Staton "Hallelujah Anyway" and Floorplan "We Magnify His Name"


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So full disclosure, whatever Bitcoin was intended to be, I feel that it has turned into a ponzi scheme based on speculative trading. I'm not trying to be a dick, just being straight up about my thoughts

I honestly don't know the answer to this, so please don't take this as a leading question: how can anti-capital anarchism and pro-market anarchism coexist? They seem to be diametrically opposed ideas to me, but I'm a plebian who doesn't read theory

Also, doesn't all this kind of rest on the assumption that the internet and power grid will never go out? I think most realistic scenarios in which the value of fiat currency plummets would also involve a hit to the power grid and/or internet infrastructure.

In that case, why would crypto hold any value over say, animal pelts and dried tobacco leaves?


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I've been growing poppies in my backyard, and this weather keeps throwing these crazy false springs followed by heat waves, so I don't think they're ever going to get past the lettuce stage and actually produce blooms.

So to make sure I still get something out of them, I've been snipping off a leaf or two after work, dabbing the raw latex that comes out of the stem with my finger and getting it under my tongue, and then munching the leaves down like a fat junkie rabbit. It's been fun because alkaloid concentration varies so much that I never know if I'm gonna be just mellow or super fucked up until about 30-45 minutes later lol

But yeah, also weed


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Seems like we would need a few things:

-a centralized, private messaging server to keep people posted on what's happening

-One master soundcloud profile that does reposts from various sockpuppet soundcloud accounts (NO posting Raddle music from main)

-Possibly the same for bandcamp, or maybe a centralized account that everything is posted from?

-An agreed-upon set of opsec & submission guidelines

I see a couple problems off the bat:

-How do we ensure that the money from sales is distributed properly? What % goes to the artist vs. whatever charitable cause, and how do we make sure it actually gets there?

-How do we ensure that opsec is adhered to now and forever, and that the music released through this label concept stays anonymous?