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you know that for a hierarchy (in the anarchist sence) to exist there needs to be 2 groups of people and a gatekeeping power right? What would the two groups of people be in your examples? patricians and plebians?

This isn't correct. For example, the hierarchy between a parent and a child or a mentor and an apprentice, or a traffic officer and a driver.


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The tax collection can be fully automated - taxes on goods sold, on public and private transport / fuel, on property, on utilities. No reason to appoint officers to collect it after the fact when it can be automatically withdrawn by an algorithm during each transaction.


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Hierarchy will never go away as we secretly all love it a little too much. It delineates what is valid vs non-valid in our eyes and projects the illusion of meaning and depth to otherwise meaningless phenomena.

Thank you, I'm so glad someone has the bravery to say it here.