grey_jedi OP wrote

Thank you for your analysis!

I think you're dead-on with my trouble of reconciling anarchist analysis with my own conception of my position in the world.

Do you know of any media (books, blogs, podcasts, etc) that covers letting go of expectations or anxiety of the future, whether it's from an anarchist perspective or not?


grey_jedi OP wrote

I'm here one time only. I've got the privilege of seeing the inequities and having the ability to act upon the worlds. I'm not gonna save the world on my own, though I intend on enjoying myself in any endeavour I choose.

I'm trying to adopt this mentality, though I find it difficult often. I suspect that my current media consumption is mostly (unintentional) outrage porn, which I'll need to filter out.

Oh, as a suggestion, perhaps try being smug. It won't win you popularity, but friends and relatives hate that shit in a way that's hard to ignore ;)

Haha, I should try that. I'm usually on the receiving end of smugness. It would be gratifying to flip that on them


grey_jedi OP wrote

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter, I really do appreciate it.

I don't have an affinity group or anyone with which I share an affinity, which I think reinforces my negative outlook. I feel very isolated. I can't really talk at length with anyone IRL about anarchy, or at least liberatory ideas outside of electoralism, especially if those liberatory ideas imply 'illegal' actions...

I think that finding others that I have an affinity with is probably what I need to focus on.