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I think I still speak broken English... And I work using English as my main language.

It's was curious that I didn't know that I could speak until I was in a situation that I needed to survive..too many slacking time in Wikipedia I guess


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There's probably an undiscovered frog species in the rainforest the changes color.

I don't notice the changes in colour bc I have the dark night mode on, why anyone would like a different setting? ¯\(ツ)

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I barely left my cave this week, I am feeling way better, my throat still hurts tho.. it's been the groundhog day all over, and I feel my head light as if nothing seems real. Probably I will reach a point of no return, just hope that When I cross the threshold I got what I need

I think I got so bad despite of the covid because I fucked my throat with ice cold water and bad weed, and using fans to sleep..

Anyway share your rage our your love here. I all appreciate tales of love&rage