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There's money involved. Nobody gives a shit about my kid:


but maybe they would give a shit about a government credit card that can pay for rooms at the Holiday Inn and proprietary software gaming.

I'm not very well connected on the dark web, to put it mildly, but thanks bunches for helping me brainstorm. I need new ideas and fresh input.


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A lot of what is posted is fairly "radical" in a society where people in crisis are routinely drugged and encarcerated, but MentalWellbeing does carry less stigma and would be more welcoming to the intended audience.

It also feels less judgemental towards those who are doing their best to get off those drugs or at least do as much damage control as possible.

It's hard to communicate that rage against a system can include compassion for its victims and those more vulnerable than ourselves, but I think that's what we're all trying to do here, no matter how radical that is perceived to be.

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today's hike = the hike that would have taken place today

tomorrow's hike = the hike that was postponed from yesterday, on account of the weather.

God kills a kitten every time you use an apostrophe to pluralize.

Gods kill kittens every time you use apostrophes to pluralize.

God's kill, kittens every time; YOU use apostrophes to pluralize?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Don't use semicolons; that's pretentious.

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You know, after being discarded by my entire family last September, I am simply going to have to accept the fact that these random scribblings and "messages in a bottle" are what I did with my life.

Not what I CHOSE to do with my life, mind you, but all that remains.

I had to take so much stuff to the dump this week. A lot of it was useful or could have been turned into money but there just wasn't time and I would have lost access to storage and cooking facilities if I hadn't tossed and cleaned like a madman.

It's going to haunt me for awhile---Mr. Fluffers and all the baby pictures and everything that used to be my life, but the relevant part to this comment is all the letters I wrote to my son when he was deployed where I poured out my heart to him, thinking that if it was the last thing he ever read before he lay on that battlefield with his entrails spilled all over the ground waiting to die, he was going to want his mommy so the letter was the most important thing I would ever write.

He never read any of the letters. He saved them as "proof" that I was "so mentally ill she doesn't even have a Facebook".

Does that mean I was a sucky writer?

Does the fact that I recognized how corrupt the publishing industry was in 2003ish and stopped writing for money mean that I'm a sucky writer?

Does the fact that I genuinely believe that the printed word is the only form of immortality mankind has been able to achieve, and that I chose to use this power to communicate with people on the internet who were going through crises I could relate to and had some power to alleviate, rather than using that time and energy to exploit people's vulnerabilty and emotionally abuse and manipulate them into giving their money to corp-orations mean that I'm a sucky writer?

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I'll probably take the dog for a walk again.

I used to have a family. I thought this (giftmas) was going to hurt a lot worse than it has so far.

The dog is pretty awesome that way. So are the people I've met here.


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Imperfectly, the same way everyone else does.

But no matter how it ends, even if you know MY backstory, in the long run love is all that matters and all that lasts and the only thing worth remembering when it's all over.


And ita with Pop. You cry. You cry a lot.


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"we had gone from a dream that prized hard work and frugality and discipline, to a culture that elevated bling and celebrity and narcissism."

That pretty much sums up what went wrong with the first batch of kids I tried to raise in the '90s.

It would be all too easy to blame an entire generation if I hadn't found this place. Please stay weird, Millenial Raddlers; the fate of the world kind of depends on you.



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Petco offered me a money back guarantee on some vegan dog kibble, which just made me shake my head because they obviously can't resell the opened bag. It strikes me as being like Toys R Us or the big mainstream baby stores in that they want your data more than they want what a 5 lb bag of kibble actually costs.

It's definitely on my list of places to lurk and learn about.