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Voluntaryism isn't necessarily pro-capitalist though it is necessarily tolerant of the practice to the extent it is non-coercive.

It is accurate to describe me as an AnCap, but I do not think of myself as specifically pro capitalism.

The only strong favorable argument specifically for capitalism that I have found is the "information theory of capitalism" and even that to me is more of a strong argument for freedom and individualism in the generic sense over centralized control than a specific argument for capitalism as an economic model.


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This is a common misconception.

Cryptocurrencies are not stocks and tend to be incredibly divisible.

Purchase fees are also almost always percentage based rather than flat.

Some cryptocurrencies, espescially early development projects will freely give away coins to spread awareness and attract more attention/involvement in the project.


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Property at some level is unavoidable.

Certainly the clothes on me belong to me in a sense and it would be wrong for someone to take them forcefully from me.

Similarly the contents of my own thoughts are unavoidably my own in the absence of violent coercion.

Cryptocurrency has shown, that this form of secret, combined with voluntary social process and interaction is sufficient to bootstrap an economy and maintain (virtual) property.

Property and the concept of property will always exist so long as the things and labor we value are scarce and people believe them to be scarce.


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I think there is an argument to be made that taxing/stealing from those who directly benefited and controlled the violent apparatus of the State to their own gain.

This would include bailed out bankers, state enforced/encouraged monopolies. Large businesses subject to tax subsidies or other governmental market manipulation.

To the extent that a capitalist owns enough capital to resemble a State (i.e. locking out all viable alternatives to food/shelter/water outside of the domain of their presumed claim) I agree that the situation is untenable and ought to be resolved through whatever means necessary.

I am a voluntarist, but if you truly own so much that nobody can own anything except through paying you rent, you have effectively become a State with property tax.


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Voat is not entirely made up of Nazi's

Voat has no top down direction for the content of the site, the main overriding goal is as absolute freedom of speech as can be managed legally on clearnet web forum.

Voat was a growing, much more diverse and overall friendly community in the time before Reddit started banning troll/hate subs.