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Emma Goldman said the ends justified the means wrt killing Frick, but she later recanted that view and said the means are reflected in the end. Kropotkin had a similar, but brief, focus on violent means to an end, but quickly reversed that view.

The end does not justify the means. This unwraps the philosophy of anarchism. This also puts us into a difficult spot with how to effect change. :-/


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Well I wasn't going to go that far. I clearly think she's still a woman, but yeah - her neoliberal policy views place profit and corporate interest above the interests of marginalized people. It doesn't help that her husband was responsible for so many regressive policy decisions.

If I were in a swing state, I would have voted for her, though. Since there is 0 chance my state will vote Democrat, it makes more sense for my vote to go to a more progressive candidate to indicate my values. Not that my values are particularly fond of representative democracy - much prefer direct action... :-) Fuck hierarchy.


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We need to vote on whether admins should be regularly rotated or put to vote to diffuse power

I vote yes.

Working toward removing all admins and mods, using our tech projects like /f/konsent and working together to make this happen

Even better.


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They took him to the mountains to replace an old goatherd who cared for 300 animals. The man taught him the use of fire and how to make utensils, but then died suddenly or disappeared, leaving Rodríguez completely alone around 1954, when he was just seven years old.

So he was abused as an early child, then was raised by a goatherd and was abandoned to survive at seven years old.


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I propose a law to stop systems from collecting personal data.

The robust way to do that, the way that can’t be set aside at the whim of a government, is to require systems to be built so as not to collect data about a person. The basic principle is that a system must be designed not to collect certain data, if its basic function can be carried out without that data.

How would this be enforced, and how would parameters be created to enforce it? I mean, regulation isn't my ideal solution - but neoliberalism seems to be setting quite a precedent for using law to progress the human condition (even if it regresses and creates ways for regression) sometimes as well...