georgia wrote

Can I just say that I appreciate all the men here who want to be good allies, but raddle is probably not the best place to solicit women's opinions on the matter considering the dearth of females here. But here we go!

No, men shouldn't call themselves feminists. Many feminists adhere to the quasi-tautological formula that men can't be feminists since feminists are women. IMO that's just semantics and the more relevant issue is the problematic tendency of men to call themselves "feminist" for woke points/virtue signalling, and for such "male feminists" to be creepers with a sense of entitlement to womens' appreciation for/validation of being one of the "good men".

The actual significance of "feminist" as a nominal self-descriptor is overstated anyway considering the neoliberal corporate bullshit that passes for "feminism" these days.


georgia wrote (edited )

The time article you're referring to is objecting to the revisionist claim that Al-Husseini is the reason the Germans exterminated the Jews instead of expelling them. It nowhere denies the mufti's virulent antisemitism nor his collaboration with the Germans to form Bosnian Muslim SS divisions. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's "bad history". Does it really surprise you so much to learn that Arab ultra-nationalist Jew-haters collaborated with German ultra-nationalist Jew-haters?