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There's an amusing bit where he tosses out some decorative rocks once he realizes that they need to be dusted.


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While I agree with this posts sentiment only the 2nd and last point of the screenshot are wrong.

Libralism is responsible for the spread of representative democracy.

Equality is weird because the question is always equality of what. In principle libralism would be equality under the law*****

The idea of natural rights predates leftism by a lot and is foundational to libralism. It's also not very anarchist because someone somewhere prioritized which rights are more important.

See above for free speech

And of course libralism is the bedfellow of tyranny.

*****Exceptions may apply please read the eula


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Most of her jabs at the left aren't that she thinks we have bad polotics but rather pointing out some of the self sabotaging that can be prevelent among us. Stuff like being inscrutible( democratic socalist vs social Democrat)and haveing image problems(no vote only SMASH!!). Contra is very much a lefty and most of her jabs at leftists are her pointing out what the community could do better.