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My attorney said the same thing, no case building (as in one whole amount to make it a felony), but they could charge you with each individual theft...


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If you get cocky they will stop you...

Many times the store will not have LP, but if your are suspected or lifting they will still call the 5-0, and will ban you.


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A friend did this on 6 singles items (about 20 a piece), and they simply refunded the item... this was before the pictures through.

Now days, it is easier to say that some were missing (say got 20 instead of 30), or state the package was stolen.

Keep in mind that at 500.00 they are probably going to ask for a PD report.


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  1. Never go back to the same store the same day that you lifted from even if you are not lifting, especially if you are doing a walk out or a reusable bag conceal.

  2. Don’t let your emotions, mental illness, or greed cloud your judgement.

  3. Never lift if you can not handle a misdemeanor for a crime of moral turpitude on your record.