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Walmart is your friend. I have returned a good bit there. It is always luck of the draw. What I have found to be consistently true is never return when the person is an immigrant. I 100% find that they follow the job rules to a tee.

You can also disassemble them via ifixit instructions. I just found it easier to drive to 2-3 Walmarts until one of them just took it back.


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Are these male or female boots?

If female, I will need to check out DSW. I know nothing about their security setup. I will check them out and report back.

If male, I would go with Dicks and lift a pair of Merrell's. Depending on how new the store is either a hook detacher or golf magnet will remove the tag. I have never had any issues walking out and leaving my old pair behind. However, I am usually swapping one pair of Merrells for another.

If you are traveling then visit REI and request whatever shoe you want. Then swap them in the fitting room or just walk out.

If you are wanting cowboy leather boots I will also need to do more research.


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Here are the pictures from my HL. The third picture I may have to recant what I said. The object in the upper right is a smoke alarm but I know that is a known device to hide a small camera in. I will have to do some research and see if there is any way I use infrared to find a camera.. I will update this post if I can find anything and go back and take a second picture. I think we need to start a thread on how to find hidden cameras.

And have to apologize for these pictures as well... I edited them on the phone, previewed them on my machine but coinsh still rotated them... Will need to figure this out..





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I went to a local HL that is in a high shrink area. They did not have any cameras by the paints. They only had Krylon branded paint and it was not locked up.

I visited Michaels and the paints there also were not locked up.

The Joann's were in a locked case.

The two Walmarts in this area had a large selection and nothing locked up.


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PC is a joke. I went to one that I know is in a high retail theft area and there were no cameras at all! None on the outside building, none inside, not even above the registers. There were only two employees inside the entire store.

Here are the pictures I took. Sorry the reg photos are tiltled.. Not sure why my edits did not save.

Front door https://coinsh.red/p/PC_frontdoor.JPG

Exit . https://coinsh.red/p/PCexitdoor.JPG

Reg 1 . https://coinsh.red/p/PCreg1.JPG

Reg 2 . https://coinsh.red/p/PCreg2.JPG

Reg 3 . https://coinsh.red/p/PCreg3.JPG

Reg 4 . https://coinsh.red/p/PCreg4.JPG


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Not quite done with this account yet...

  1. Have several guides I want to finish and post under this account.
  2. I have not finished my own self reflection so I don't 'feel' like a new account.
  3. I need to finish apologizing but that apology is tied to the self reflection clause.

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You will never know. I have seen cameras that can zoom in across the store and tell you what kind of playing card is in your hand.

Take a look at the review for this phone and be amazed at it's 50x zoom. Then think... this is a damn phone.. imagine how good a dedicated piece of camera equipment can be that a store does not mind spending 3-4k on per camera. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/huawei-p30-pro-zoom-camera-samples,news-29779.html


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Yes to both. A word of advice, do not use a blunt object. Glass will shatter much easier if you use a pointed item with weight behind it. I took a sledge hammer head to a friend who waterjet cut a point on it. And go with a fiberglass handle over wood.

A lot depends on the type of glass and the thickness. I would say it is loud enough you would hear it from 1000-2000 feet away easily.