froop wrote (edited )

My thoughts about death are all pretty much straight out of A Course In Miracles and related material.

I find the idea of death hilarious. You'd only be afraid of it if you believed yourself to be a body.

They say the leadup to death can be unpleasant (unless you're enlightened), because your body is dying of something, but actually dying can be a relief.

And as for people not thinking about us anymore, only an ego would be upset about that loss of specialness.

Decay and death is the nature of what we absurdly call 'life'. None of it is true. The universe itself is a lie. Only the True Mind in which we truly reside (while dreaming of bodies) has any reality at all.

Too radical?


froop wrote

I have a workflowy node for "people I know". every time I find myself in a new situation/context, I make a new subnode/branch and list the names of all the people i meet in that context, along with a few details about each person, that I will remember. Then when I enter that context again I can find the right node, and see the list of names and attributes.