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so much talk about the war of christmas, but no talk about the war on halloween. literally news will come out and scaremonger with the razor in apple stories, people start putting up christmas decorations on 12am november 1st. typical privileged rightists complaining of being the besieged victims while stepping on others. soon the whole year will be christmas while their perceived level of threat keeps rising to a pinnacle of paranoia. ROBOTCLAUS will be built, controlled by the big quantum computer in the north and south poles. drones will deliver gifts, and LEAD to the naughty list. the planet will be in a state of complete deforestation, only the slim strip of template region left will be used to grow the monocrop of christmas tree for the elite on the top of the good list. the world will live in an ongoing naughty list holocaust...............

Edit: i know i had see this trope somewhere, eventually remembered

bet there's also tons others i haven't heard of


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yeah, no schools, win-win, hi five!

but yeah, i know of places on planet earth where there are no school shootings but school age people shoot each other outside of school due to gangs and drug trade struggles, or even wars, but there's more reciprocity in that exchange of bullets vs the victims at school which are sitting ducks


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thanks for listening and for the nice words!!

i never got big into videogames but i remember how huge and mindblowing it was when tony hawk 1 came out and it had some cool punk and ska songs in it.

i had only listened to the Goblin album, but i now checked a quick sample of each song off the Igor and it seems p neat. is the similar song you mean “what’s good” with the distorted kick bass drum?