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The term [panarchy] was coined as an antithesis to the word hierarchy (literally, sacred rules). Our view is that panarchy is a framework of nature's rules, hinted at by the name of the Greek god of nature, Pan.

So let me get this right... You're opposed to sacred rules, so you name your framework after a god... 🤦


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I drew a circle-A by swiping my finger across the dirty windshield of each car.

That was you!

I'm going to get you, and make you pay for the damages to my reputation.


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Reply to comment by chris2c in Friday free talk 5/11/21 by black_fox

I can't wait to have enough money to go see a doctor and get my Vyvanse script again.

Congratulations getting as much done as you have. Don't let the Wall build, use the feeling of accomplishment to keep going.

On days I don't have my pills I feel good if I do anything at all really. So it sounds amazing to finish something like that.


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There's a term called the Wall of Awful.

By failing to do it in the past and feeling negatively about it, you've may have built a wall of negative emotion around it. it's hard to do it because there's a wall, and the payoff isn't immediate, but each time you fail to do it, it gets harder and harder.

The suggested way to overcome this is to create an artificial reward, either by psyching yourself up before hand, or using something like a schedule to give it artificial urgency.

... or there's stimulants.