foggymorn wrote

This isn't just the US. Fascism is ingrained into the basic structure of western civilization. Whenever our elite neoliberal overlords start to feel the repercussions from the apocalyptic shitstorm they've caused, they open the floodgates to the fascists, helping them put down any anti-elite movements so resistance to their rule can be crushed with impunity.

That's the reason why open nazis are suddenly coming out of the shadows and preaching their garbage. I'm afraid there's no way around it - just like last time things came to the head leading up to WW2. This is not the start of fascism - it started a long time ago at the dawn of the industrial age. A lot of people are only waking up to it now. And yes, lots, lots and LOTS of more people are going to die. That can't be helped now, either. This is how capitalism functions. When it runs out of room to spread, it turns around and rolls over everything behind it in a desperate attempt to preserve itself.


foggymorn wrote

Marx's mistakes were threefold:

  • The strong and central state he advocated for
  • His problem with markets (therefor needing a central state to plan what otherwise could have been arranged bottom-up by markets)
  • Kicking out the anti-authoritarians from the international; thereby loosing some opportunities to become anti-authoritarian within his lifetime.