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Anything rooted in industrial technology isn't sustainable because industry doesn't just sit still, it grows and spreads and destroys everything in its path.

There are no non-anticiv schools of anarchism that have put even an iota of thought into actually ending climate change. They might make vague allusions to 'sustainable' tech (solarpunk) or ridiculous expectations for space mining and uploading humans to the cloud (anarcho-transhumanism) but none of them are based in reality or have any understanding of what it means to really oppose hierarchy.


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He's perpetually angered that everyone on raddle won't change to suit his oppressive attitudes. Attacks the culture of raddle, claiming it's divisive, rather than try to change his problematic views.

Here he even claims he's not capable of oppression because he's overweight: or

Here he uses the word 'TERF' to attack someone who is trans: or