fjones wrote

Similar to archetypes in Jungian psychoanalysis: metaphors, conditioned by the "times"; stories to which one does or doesn't relate; shorthand for complex psychodynamics; myth-based and therefore thousands of years old; always in danger of falling into interpretosis or over-interpretation; John Cage used astrology to limit his ego-choices as a chance-method, much like his compositions; literary as opposed to scientific; Dom DeLillo's book about Oswald = "Libra"; themes to watch out for in oneself - Oedipus, hero, Mars, co-dependency, Hera, Odysseus, etc.; said to compose a "collective unconscious, but obviously cultural, as chinese astrology is different from the middle eastern version, rarely derogatory towards difference (family, tribal, religious, national), impersonal descriptive device, used by royalty...