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Following Wilhelm Reich here:

There is a basic polarity in biological life: production and anti-production

Production (activity, art, revolt, foreplay) vs Anti-production (rest, sleep, inactivity, orgasm).

According to Reich, if the biome doesn't have the anti-production it will die. FAP is simply moving the biome to anti-production, upon which the productions of revolt, art, love etc are dependent.

What I am hearing the above author say, and which Reich himself said, "Its by controlling our anti-production as well as our production that fascism takes hold in a mass psychology" (paraphrased).

In this way, it can be said that mutual consent sex with another is more radical than fapping because of the gift, affinity and trust involved, required for revolt. Fapping is easier but equally anti-productive, which is the absolutely necessary source of sociality, social movement and revolt. How "rest"is distributed in the economy is very telling.

The technology of erotism has its own issues.


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Agree, and since this was written by Derrick Jensen we have to ask him (and Lierre Keith) about transgender becomings as political acts and guess what? We find out they are. So nothing's as simple as simple-minded Derrick likes to portray it : not only the inability of DGR to stage effective protest against the corporate-military state but to even begin to sketch an outline of what revolution might look like. In this way, the insurgent anarchists have gone much further, though they need numbers, and that is another point completely sidestepped by Derrick. So in a way, Derrick's work is like pouring water in front of a thirsty person, he adds to the obvious catastrophe. Derrick's books, like much of left-alternative media are vulture-like, showing us the obvious carrion without a discussion of previous attempts at revolt and what lessons might be learned from them. Pretty harmless stuff but I'm not forgiving him and Lierre for printing writers who have said there needs to be a (human) "die-off". That always means the poor countries.


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disable the big daddy state, it always comes to rescue: the unfair markets, the rich's bad investments, the inevitable tendency for profit to decrease, the involuntary exchange of life time for money, the wage slavery, the slum rentiers to the poor, the interest system and inflation, the military and police necessary to enforce business law, the creation of a "superior class", through management, the ruinment of nature and the earth for profit, the stockholders who extract wealth by simple ownership, the "have-mores" as bush said


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This is an enormous question so I'd like to respond with more questions:

  • What are you looking for from therapy? If its someone to listen and respond to your struggles, I would recommend against Freudian psychoanalysis. Traditionally, the analyst just lets you talk and doesn't respond much. Jungian and Lacanian analysts are slightly better, though only major cities will have Jungian or Lacanian Institutes. Some MSW's are clinically licensed and have sliding scale fees ranging from zero to $40-60/hour. Most therapists will practice a mixture of therapeutic techniques from cognitive to behavior mod. I benefited more from MSW's than the Jungian analyst I saw. The MSW challenged me to change my substance abuse habits, which helped enormously.

  • What is your own formulation of the problem you're trying to fix with therapy? For instance, as Foucault showed, the very language of psychotherapy makes a "symptom" of feelings which may be culturally-based: so you may be called "ill" say, for your Indigenous (or LGBTQ, anarchist) beliefs. Please talk to a smart friend you trust and try to state your problem in your own way: see if there are not other resources around which might help you (therapy groups, massage, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, hypnotherapy, water therapy, herbs, etc). Institutionalized psychotherapy, in general, attempts to get the patient/client/analysand to adapt to the majoritarian reality of their society (read white & middle class). Most of the alternative therapies are nowhere near as expensive as analysis ($300/hour). Many have sliding scale fees. Your insurance may only cover 4-5 visits to an analyst.

  • Since psycho-analysis and psychotherapy both use the term "psyche" (Greek=soul) what do you, yourself mean by that word, soul, and therefore, what do you want for its care? For instance, generally, "soul" is taken to mean mental and emotional patterns of speaking, thinking, feeling and acting. For Freud it was the Ego and The Id (the unconscious). Psychoanalysis, in its most helpful aspect, should be to reveal unconscious patterns. It is seen as a therapy which has no ending since always more patterns will be revealed. There is a good book called "Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia", by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (who was a psychotherapist) about the pitfalls of the psychoanalytic process. I have also seen zines about the practices of "co-counseling" and its benefits.

  • Finally, if your therapy is covered by insurance, you may become a liability for other insurers at other employers. Insured mental health treatment constitutes a "pre-existing condition" in some programs and you may be denied care in others. Also, employers are now using health records to screen employees, so your mental health treatment may show up with an application for another position. This is a very recent phenomenon where employers don't want employees with a mental health history. Most therapists will say "So What?" and think its better to feel better than worry about your employment future but it is an issue. Anyway...

I would leave a note with the Icarus Project, which is a self-help group & explain to them what you're going through and your internal debate:

This was probably too much but I hope it was helpful. My advice: avoid giving your emotional life to state actors whenever possible! Many therapists have a distance from political empathy and err on the side of practicality, which has its merits but isn't very revolutionary. Best of Luck.

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Was wondering when this would show up here, it hasn't had much running room at One conclusion might be that attacks on the US corporate-military-state is good for the environment and might slow/stop the collapse. Another might be that Guy McPherson, Ph.d is more invested in collapse than in slowing or stopping it, creating a feedback loop where eventually all that is heard is "We're gonna die!" We all know that already, so why not do what we can, especially because of the joy of revolt? When Hillary was asked what she thought of anti-fracking protesters, she said, "They need to get a life", whereas Obama at the G-20 in Pittsburgh said "the protesters are just mistaken." Trump and his crew are suiciding the natural populace (earth, plant, animal, water, air). Why not have a little fun and set them back on their heels?


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It's been a while since I talked about this:

  • In 1871 the Federation of Artists was formed in the Paris Commune - Both Manet and Courbet were members;

  • Egon Schiele & Gustav Klimt, their tender relationship together, their paintings;

  • Jean Tinguely's self-destructing sculpture at the MOMA;

  • Duchamp's "Large Glass"; Schwitters escaping the Nazi's to England, his Merz paintings and Merzbau; Kathe Kollwitz's figures;

  • Jean Dubuffet; - everything; esp. the book "Asphixiating Culture"

  • Picasso's Guernica; Miro's abstracts; Luis Bunuel, Jean Vigo, Jean Renoir (films)

  • Raushenberg's combines, Joseph Cornell's boxes;

  • Lee Krasner's abstracts; Dorothea Tanning's surrealism,

  • In 1967 0r '68, Godard started making the Dziga Vertov group films (anti-capitalist and horizontalist);

  • The German film-maker Fassbinder wrote 2 good books on Anarchy and made a good film about his film-making collective (Beware a Holy Whore); another about rascism in 1970's Germany (Ali: Fear eats the Soul) and about the desire for a strong leader among the German people and Baader Meinhof (Germany in Autumn);

  • Cassavettes' films are out of this world(w/Gena Rowlands); I also like Shirley Clarke's artsy films; Germaine Dulac' Surrealist Woman Filmmaker (Seashell and Clergyman w/ Artaud);

  • Artaud's Theatre work and cigarette drawings;

  • Louise Nevelson's Black Sculptures; The Surrealist Women, esp. Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo;

  • The Chicago Surrealists, esp. Penelope Rosemont, whom I believe is anarchist (IWW Member);

  • Anyway, I know more anarchist authors and musicians beginning with Mary Shelley. (and her dad).


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There's a pretty amazing book researched by Daniel Hopsicker called "Barry and the Boys", which gives evidence of CIA drug running and Oswald's CIA past. Oliver Stone's JFK exposes the "grassy knoll" evidence where eyewitnesses heard shots from that direction.


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Nice! Renewable energy, eco-village, rhizomatic design, humanure toilets, lots of green space, permaculture low-labor gardening, on-site specific building materials, conscious attempts not to use PVC - oil based materials whenever possible, in the north: saunas & the latest catalysts for emissions removal from heat sources, space for gathering, council bluffs, lots of play space, co-operative day care, heliport for copters built at workshops above, helicopter school, helicopter removal of plastics from ocean and support given to protest blocs, major contributions to reef health and de-acidification !!!