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'large scale', 'educated population', 'conditions required by communism', 'human evolution', 'legitimate authority', 'necessary coercion', 'humankind', 'tendency to authority'...

Bullshit buzzword bingo?


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It's probably also a constant test of how war-ready an 'attention circle' is. WW3 is of course way out of proportion, but every war probably needs some preparation. If some US-president would declare war have a special military operation on say the EU a lot more people would 'ask questions' than in a war that's already media-wise preparated.


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"Far from being a coloniser or perpetrator of genocide, Elizabeth was both a powerless figurehead of a crumbling empire and one of the greatest diplomats of the 20th and 21st centuries."

"Queen Elizabeth II never acknowledged the monarchy's historical role in supporting the Black slave trade":

"Royal Family banned ethnic minorities from royal office roles":

et cetera: