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Idk if any of the open source phones (pine phone?) do gps but I hear you… ultimately, my partner and I ended up getting Apple Watches. I hate that corporations know my location too, but our safety was more important. (I’m also disabled but also my partner is self employed doing very physical work without health insurance so I wanted to know if he ever fell on the job or something catastrophic.)

The watches also have a walkie talkie app we like because we’re nerds. But the fall detection and gps give a lot of peace of mind.

Sucks that we disabled people have to give up our privacy in exchange for security and physical safety.


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Nothing wrong with being disabled, and I am comfortable being disabled.

The psych industry definitely needs a serious overhaul, if not scrapped and replaced entirely. But that’s because the psych industry is entirely about forcing people to conform to the standards of a cis het white man, which is a shit metric.


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You’re so sweet… I don’t want to post any links just for privacy reasons but I really appreciate the offer. Just knowing people realize this shit is fucked means a lot <3

I hope you find work you can tolerate! I’m working on that myself. Fingers crossed 2023 sucks less for all of us.


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Very much not holding up. Rang in the new year v sick with a flare up of long covid shit and my spouse with some kind of death rattle cough.

We can’t catch a break and idk how much longer we can make it.

How bout you? Hope you’re hanging in there.


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I’ve been drinking this stash red dragon chai stuff in the mornings… it’s herbal and good with milk and maple syrup.

At night I usually have a cup of lemon balm before bed. I used to drink chamomile but it turns out my ragweed allergy made me cross reactive to chamomile, and while I said the tea made me sleep better, it was probably more the 2-3 Benadryl I needed after the tea that knocked me out. Lemon balm and passionflower tea is a good combo to sleep but it’s hard to find where I’m at.

A couple years ago my body decided it can’t handle any more caffeine beyond what’s in a little chocolate, so I’m just doing herbal stuff now. I used to really love white tea or making Ethiopian tea (which I could make decaf but I just haven’t).


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I was a really sheltered kid and didn’t do anything fun in HS. (I did “rebel” once to skip school in a snowstorm specifically to lose my virginity and it sucked), and I didn’t go to college until my 20’s so I was ready to experience some debauchery.

I drank but hated it (and now 20+ years later I don’t drink because it just makes me feel like garbage), and preferred weed when I could get it. I tried a couple other drugs and they weren’t as exciting as I expected from the hype, but I’m glad I tried them. I was really slutty too.

The only thing I regret about the debauchery was that it took so long to try it out AND I think I put myself into too many dangerous situations because I was either making up for lost time or making up for having such controlling parents (or both).

Everyone deserves to explore themselves and have a good time. I hope you get a chance too.

I’m sorry your wife thinks porn and masturbation are cheating. She’s wrong and that sucks.


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I hate that I’m too busy trying to survive to do anything positive in the world.

Also I hope Elon Musk implodes twitter.


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Reply to comment by tuesday in Friday Free Talk by asterism

When I lived in Arizona, I got these. Different variations too— people with my first name, people in my age group, people in my zip code.

It was horse shit.


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Ouch, that’s harsh.

I grew up super sheltered, and while I wasn’t opposed to weed or shrooms, I never got a chance to try them until I moved a few hundred miles away. I was floored at how not a big deal it was, and I didn’t get why it was illegal (this was before anything had been legalized, and the seeds of anarchism were planted). My sister, however, 13 years younger, grew up with DARE and took it so seriously. She genuinely believed weed was a gateway drug for years, until she was in her 30s and realized ALL her friends smoke, they just didn’t smoke around her out of respect.

I’m sure plenty of us here would smoke you out and/or trip-sit if our paths crossed.


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Fwiw, I ate no salt for years (except naturally occurring sodium) because I was raised to believe it was bad and most salt is iodized which was causing a health issue for me, and nearly fat-free for years because I believed I had a fatty food intolerance (turned out to be celiac disease) and because disordered eating. and I noticed things that improved once I stopped fearing salt and could eat oil again: adrenals run on salt and I cope better with stress if and other cortisol-related issues; my mood improved when I’ve got some fat in my diet (this includes avocados even if I don’t always add oil to cooking); my blood sugar is more stable when my carbs have some fat in them; I stay full longer. Another thing that was sort of a byproduct of the above: my thyroid got really out of whack because I had to avoid iodine for many years. If you’re gonna cut out even sea salt (with it’s naturally occurring or added iodine), make sure to heat plenty of iodine rich foods to protect your thyroid.

That said, me cooking everything myself (because packaged food contains all my allergens) means im naturally eating less sodium and fat than the average westerner, so I think I was pretty extreme in avoiding salt and fat, and maybe you won’t be so extreme.

I think turmeric in savory things is really good with ginger and black pepper, so adding those might help. I gotta say tho that coconut oil and a little good sea salt will extract the flavor much better and make everything much tastier. But fwiw, seaweed is also a healthy and tasty plant based way to get salt in you. Plus it’s good for the thyroid.


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There’s a million ways to legitimize “under the table” work to get most of those things, including social security credits and work experience, but the fact that you said “unionization isn’t legal” both cracks me up and tells me this wasn’t a good faith argument.

The state has been trying to make unions illegal all along. If we waited for labor rights to become legal, we’d all be working barefoot in factories 7 days a week in locked buildings without fire exits, alongside our children.