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I’m favisnugget, coming from the NE part of the US. I’m on the older side and have had my ed (primarily anorexia purging subtype with bouts of bulimia subtype- apparently this is important for insurance coding reasons idk) for decades. While I’ve been in and out of IP etc more times than I actually can count, I’ve also had moments where things are actually good almost like recovery.

I’m at a spot where I’m functioning and life is going on and I am able to participate in it. Online communities help keep me afloat.

Alcohol and Netflix and I are in a three way relationship. I also like to collect recipes I’ll never cook and look at restaurant menus of food I will never eat.

Likely I’ll delete my Reddit account (the alt I used for ed related things) because there isn’t much to use that account for.


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I’m not having a traditional thanksgiving so I’m less anxious. Grilled fish, salad and some fruit. But there will be pie and I don’t know if I can get away without eating even a thin slice. Watch my dad will surprise me with a bunch of shrimp too and I always down like a pound.

I hope you can achieve your goal on Thursday. Not purging is so hard especially on a ‘food’ holiday.

Every year I try to remind myself the point of the day is to give thanks for everything we have or have had. Maybe give thanks for the thought that you wish to be gentle to yourself?


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Breakfast: one brand protein bar (220)

Lunch: packet oatmeal (100), 2TB fiber one (15) , 1T dried cranberries (35), 1T almonds (42)

Dinner: naruto roll of some sort (250?)

Snacks: fiber one bar (90)

So far 502. My spouse is bringing home sushi and she’s supposed to be getting me a tuna naruto roll (estimate 250 since I fucking love soy sauce).

That’d bring the food content to 752. The alcohol however...


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The admins have been hammering down for a few years now. They’ve cleaned house of hate subs and illegal porn (well, the ones they noticed and obvs more come about all the time).

Remember jailbait? That sub was the definition of illegal. Other subs who urge the rape and murder of people? Yeah.

But a group of people struggling with a chronic and sometimes fatal disease? Sure. Put us in the same category as pedos and sociopaths. Sounds right to me.


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I’d be interested! I spent years modding one of those major pro-ed forums that used to exist. But I I just joined raddle and don’t know my way around yet