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Whats so bad about lifting multiple of the same item? Does it show up as a huge red flag when checking inventory? Forgive me because im clueless about some of this shit.


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nothing specific in mind yet, but i think one huge upside to this strategy is that you're not technically taking anything out of the store when shoving it in the comforter so you cant really get in any trouble.


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Unfortunately thats not an option, not to mention the books are big as fuck so concealing would be challenging. Probably too risky. Sucks because I really wanted the zelda book but I don't have a whole lot of money as a teen (which is why i mostly lift)


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Some of the packs have blank white cards in them with a sensor that is deactivated when the employee scans the cards. From what i've seen it is in random packs which is kind of [slur removed by mod]..