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This has been the best thing to happen on twitter since the Arab Spring.


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Somehow my experience as a black person has not lead me to conclude that if the state of America were gone tomorrow, i'd want communism.


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I haven't logged into my Mastadon account in a couple years so YMMV with this advice, but find a list of anarchist or post-left accounts to follow. Makes your global timeline a lot better imo.

I havent been on recently enough to suggest anything specific but i didn't mind my todon.nl account iirc. I tested maybe 4 other servers too and they were all fine. Most of my experience was driven by who I followed not my specific server.


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Proper posture prevents pliability problems! Real talk, workin in logistics is hard. I used to offload trucks for one of the major shoe companies in the US and i regularly went home with black snot coming out of my nose.

So then i went to drive for a bit and had immediate lower back, knee, and hamstring problems. Struggle is real.

You're gonna be worn out, but if you can learn some seated exercises and posture stuff, it'll be so much better for you in the long run. It doesnt take long to develop lifelong issues. Speaking from experience.