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My math practice is to play around on Khan Academy, do MIT Open courses, generally just read graduate level math course books, and do problems from project Euler. I love mathematics but was way too distracted to focus on it back when I was in formal school. The above tools is how I taught myself a lot.


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I feel like the post i put up a couple days ago about how anarchist spaces deal with issues was very timely here. I must say, I'm disappointed in the outcome and feel the processes taken to get here leave something to be desired.

That isn't to excuse any allegations of harm, and as I can't read any of the original posts i can't come to my own conclusions about them either. I just can't imagine the long term health of the site being for the better if there's no space to come back from mistakes if the person who made said mistake sincerely attempts to redress. Again, I can't read shit cuz they left so i can't tell if that happened or not.

Whole situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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This sub hurts my head. I'm particularly urked by the meme about dogs not liking vegan meat. Which...the fuufuu dogs i know that get their food only from deli counters (meat) will eat the vegan meat i make no question. Its happened like 4x in the last year. Idk what kinda shit they are using for these unethical experiments but clearly it's trash that nobody should eat, dogs included.


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This has been the best thing to happen on twitter since the Arab Spring.


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Somehow my experience as a black person has not lead me to conclude that if the state of America were gone tomorrow, i'd want communism.