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There are a few things to consider...

Some vegans feel as though honey is theft from bees labor and thusly not consistent with vegan values...so to them there would be no circumstance by which honey purchase/consumption is ok. This however is a hotly debated thing, so roll with your own feelings/logic.

One can keep pollinators without taking their honey...and native pollinators are actually far more important for pollination than honey bees that are kept for profit.

So if you are someone who is comfy consuming honey, and wish to do so in a way that is arguably bee-friendly and eco-conscious, then local can be better than otherwise given the food source for the bees is either naturally or organically grown. You'd really need to do homework on the producer AND the areas near the producer's property. A lot of times bees will go to neighboring properties that are sprayed with pesticides and such that will harm them, even if the owner's property is natural/organic.

Those are my thoughts on the subject.


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I don't think there is a meaningful "most" for this sort of thing. Anything you grow or eat by tapping into the state the least would seem to be the closest you could get to an answer to me. So it would be different for everyone given their circumstances.

Dumpster diving for some, farming from saved seeds for others, etc.


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Oh it doesn't. I'm actually really excited about it. It's the old, "You know if you're getting shit done if you got enemies" thing. Unfortunately, trolls can't actually ever hit me in the feels cuz that can really only be done through isolation. But a troll that doesn't post is an oxymoron.