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I dont agree 100% that people, including sexual pests, shouldn't have a path to redemption a la restorative justice or a community-based solution.


Louis CK is not just a pest, he's also un-remorseful, willfully ignorant, and abusing his power. He, as an individual with this particular case, does not deserve sympathy or idolation from anyone.


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Is the show actually worth watching? I've never watched an episode, and almost as a rule I dont watch shows that dont have PoC as at least 1 of the top 5 cast members. Never seen a PoC in anything related to the show, so I've never watched it. References to it seem to permeate the culture though.

Edit: added the "one" in second sentence.


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I've been practicing permaculture growing stuff for a few years. I only own .18 acres, so not much...but I've grown quite a few trees from seed, have a "wild" area of greens and root vegetables, and a more maintained herb garden and compost area right out the back door.

I would go with the Bob Ross "there are no failures" logic though....that being said I did plant trees that I grew from seed all over the yard to see which would do best where. In the end, I wound up with I think 5 trees now (from around 12) that are very large and healthy. One tree produced apples last year (it was a 2yr old tree) and that was quite exciting for me.

Biggest success has definitely been the community aspect. Neighbors come talk to me when I'm working in the yard. I've heard little kids mention they want to walk by "the house with pumpkins" while out at the store before. I've given people seeds from my garden to start their own stuff. Also given away soil since I generate a lot of healthy soil with my compost. Second place for success is just getting to witness nature. I don't use pesticides, or fertilizer or anything like that. Sometimes something will happen with a particular plant, like leaf eaters getting into an otherwise tasty looking chard leaf...and then I'll see wasps hunting the leaf eaters later that day. I really came to further appreciate the balance nature provides if you, as a human, just get the fuck out of the way.

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Imagine being black in America and listening to other black people talk about how dope the Clintons are/were and how Hillary would've made an excellent president.

There really are no words for that feeling.


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I watched the film she made with the white people a few months ago...didn't know there was another one. It is definitely an interesting watch. I do think it goes to show how few of the people in these groups come into the groups because of views they already had. It's typically some other need not being met. This is just as true of these people as it is gangs in urban areas of the world. And once they get big enough, they develop monetary incentives to keep themselves alive and turn into a business that supersedes "the movement".