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I grow mint, dandelions, yarrow, and chamomile dor medicinal purposes. I use them all in tea. Honestly though, Im a big "let your food be yoyr medicine" person. So I'd argue its all medicine if you grow anything for food and it helps improve your health.


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Listened to this earlier today. I've only listened to maybe 3 joe rogan episodes, but it seemed like he really let Snowden tell his story. It also seemed like he didn't really know how to ask insightful questions to Snowden. But he did admit to not yet read his book.


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One of these is fine. The other is a crime. Guess which one could get ya arrested?


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I obviously don't understand exactly what it's like to be trans, otherwise i wouldn't have posted this and asked a genuine question about how I should think about this issue with caveats listed in the op.

I posted looking for help understanding this particular aspect of trans life so I could know how to think about it or articulate it to someone less informed should they ask in the future.

I do know quite a bit about living as a minority and being discriminated against and the sensitivity necessary to humbly ask for more information on a particular aspect of a subject.

Nice name change though. You're still proving my point by specifically referencing only this post.

For the uninformed without the requisite context... u/beenherelongerthanyou recently changed their name from something else as a reference to our conversation in another thread...on mobile so won't go through the stuff link, I'll leave it to them to do if they feel so inclined.

Anyways, they feel that I'm a transphobe, which I honestly don't even feel like is an accusation worth defending under the context. Check my history on the site and come to your own conclusion about whether that's a substantive claim. That's essentially where their name change came from.

They seem to be zeroing in on this particular post which may have rubbed them the wrong way but also for which i stand by as an honest attempt to gain insight to this particular issue that I had not yet learned of.

If they would like to express how/why they feel I'm a transphobe, I'm more than willing to be educated and grow as a person on this issue. I won't speculate about whether their intentions on this matter are genuine or not, but I'll speak for myself in saying if they have evidence, I'd love to see it.

Also, they seem to be enjoying trying to downvote me in other non-related posts to this particular disagreement, which is peculiar given the reference to their calling me a child.


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I've been on raddle for quite some time and this is the first time anyone has accused me of anything remotely similar of that accusation.

You really don't have to like me. I'll be here on the site participating like I have been long before you got here and probably long after you're gone. Or maybe you'll stick around...who knows. I hope you do. Folks with your disposition as evidenced in this thread don't seem to stick around long. Most of your other contributions seem to reflect that of those who tend to stick around.


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This was the only thing i could find on the save the students site in a quick mobile search: https://www.savethestudent.org/news/student-sex-workers-train-chaos-for-easter-free-phone-chargers.html

And that is from 2015. Interesting bit at that time, there were more men than women doing the sex work (that really doesn't fit the mainstream narrative around the issue). I'd love to get my hands on the survey itself (even better if the last few) if someone can find it.