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I don't associate shoplifting with any political goals/aspects. It just saves a lot of money you know. And I don't justify/approve shoplifting at all, and I never did this either. But I totally disagree with left winged parties and I have an absolute disgust of Antifa (I got this disgust for Pegida as well, I think extreme-left or extreme-right people are both pretty dumb but that's my opinion) because their views just doesn't make any sense. I have this feeling for every left-winged party, and I think par example the government should protect its country from foreign dangers and should stop permitting refugees, because in the country where I live there isn't much space left and the current (center-left) government is fucking everything up. I've done a lot of voting guides, and I've never ended up at a left party. The dutch left-wing parties are clearly demonizing right-wing parties (thats also the reason that Pim Fortuyn, a dutch right-winged politican got shot to death by a left-winged maniac who was under the influence of left untrue demonizing bullcrap) and their way of debating doesn't make any sense. I'm a supporter of the dutch party ''Forum voor Democratie'', if you check out their political views you maybe understand my train of thought.

Hahaha I guess I already started a discussion (sorry for that) but I just wanted to show my view you know. Didn't mean to start a discussion or something like that, but had to clear this up because the link between shoplifting and being left- or right-winged didn't make any sense to me.


eternity OP wrote

I was just wondering if liberals/right-winged people are welcome here. Actually only came here for the shoplifting topic, but when I started looking through all the topics, I noticed some weird shit you know (like whiteness & feminism) and I was like I guess I'm on the wrong site rn so I decided to ask it.


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I guess I could call myself experienced when it comes to stealing vinyl records. I use the following ways to steal a record:

  • I got a long jacket and wide pants: I often put 2 or 3 records in my pants/under my jacket (the records should be about 5cm deep in your pants, the rest is easy to hide under your jacket). I use this tactic very often.

  • You got to bring a few damaged records in a plastic, conseiled bag. Walk with the bag to the cash desk, and ask if they are interested in purchasing any used vinyl records. They won't buy them, because the records are damaged. BUT now they know what's in your bag, and they won't suspect you from lifting any records. You can easily put some records in your bag without anyone of the staff noticing

  • This way is less smooth/quick but it worked for me a few times: just bring a big backpack, and quickly put in your records in the bag. As I said, I would try the first two ways first, and use this way as a last minute option.

I hope I've helped your problem. Those 3 tactics have always worked for me, and I've never been caught. Good luck!