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What about temporary leadership/authority, let's say a film director

Just a minor point there- some of the best scenes in movies are done by the actors outside of any script. This is another case of 'listen to the authority on the subject, but they are not an authority over you', e.g. listen to the architect but he isn't one to order you.


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This, actually, is a very legitimate point; the issue would be not reading posts, though Raddle feels like a lot more people actually do interact as opposed to Reddit (visible clearly on /r/libertarian where the posts are usually upvoted Trumpers and the comments usually upvoted and disgruntled libertarians)

As in many cases, the issue is one of prompting participation.


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My ethnocentric call was pre-emptive, my bad. You have no idea how often I debate with people who think all Kurds are one, and that the KRG is the same as the KCK. I shouldn't have gotten there so fast.

I'm sure they are not completely delusional and know very well what to expect from them,

YPG officials have been shittalking the US a lot recently. I think it's gonna break off soon.


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What's happening in the Kurdish region is the same that happened in the Kurdish region in Iraq in 1991. 

That's... so ethonocentric it's not even funny. The Kurdish region of Iraq is the KRG, notable for cooperating in military campaigns against the KCK and banning them at times. Are you seriously comparing them based only on ethnicity?

With the exception of the factions aligned with the US, in other words imperialist tools (SDF, etc.)

Just like the Yugoslav partisans against the Nazis were imperialist tools for accepting US supplies and air support. What a joke. They need supplies to fight The Literal Islamic State, and the US offers them.

Your entire argument seems to be that Syrians have no agency or will but only can act when the US (ignoring Russia) tells them to, like they're western pawns rather than people themselves, even though the Assads have been propped up by Europeans for decades.

Despite that, clearly any revolt or dissent is only the work of Western powers, according to you. Can you not imagine people rising up without prompt by the US? How can one be an anarchist whilst discounting revolution as American puppets? Is this going to turn into apologia for killing protesters?


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Are you implying the Rojava Revolution isn't a revolution? There's much more to this than just the 'FSA' (hardly even a thing) and Assad's regime.

And early on, portions of the 'revolutionaries' were just that, establishing local councils in opposition to Assad before the West quickly subverted it to use it as a tool of imperialism rather than one of liberation. This is why, now, most of the forces supported are fascists rather than liberators of any form at all.