eous wrote (edited )

Look I don't want to start any drama. You can buy an S3 key off of eBay . Anybody with half a brain could figure this out. This question has been answered before. Just use whatever is inside your head. If you don't even know where to get an S3 key please take a break from lifting to sort it out. We get it you are a beginner but please stop being ignorant.


eous wrote (edited )

I usually wear a base layer, a thin mid layer, and a kind of loose outer layer. I also use a belt. When I'm lifting I keep the inner and base layer tucked into my waistband until I have to conceal. When concealing I head to a blind spot or create one and untuck the mid layer and place whatever I'm lifting in there. Then I tuck the mid layer back into my waistband. This creates a little "pocket". I would do it with compression gear if I had some.(Planning to lift some though....)


eous wrote

"This is one of my first lifts, and I really don’t want to get caught." -_- Really? Have thought about what you are trying to do? Go on Ebay and buy a Juul like a normal 15 year old.