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I am created on GIMP and pygame. all my frame is pygame and gimp done gif. the transform is need the path for the frog I make my own detector the path of the frog, and I make my own fourrier transform function a Python

its done that i having a listed points of path. and Create is two functions, the getted path and minimal the path. getted path, I download all the frog's picture and search all the point that is visible and difference of the others arounds it. This way point that is invisible and difference of the others is not doubled the points. it means around is different but not when theres difference already. and Are not doubled the points

Minimal the path is created from points getted path, make radius of a point and a lowest tangent angle inverse is get next point. it can likely a there are no next point. when its no next point, make radius bigger and check lowest tangent inverse That will next point but when radius is too big, minimal the path its done and can transform, When T = amount of the points in froggy minimal the path

created Froggy is from vector component but its get more easier when its exponentiates of δ * e ^ [β i] Now froggy [x] it function elements of complex plane

the Fourrier transform is get coefficient of integrals, Maths froggy = sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]. and integral [-T / 2] onwards [T / 2] = integral froggy dx = T * c[0]. Each λ are become harmonic that is complete cycle on T and others integral is 0 the all integrals, Thats for T * c[λ] is multiply the froggy * e ^ [-2πi [λ / T] x] and the integral = T * c[λ] and divider T for get c[λ]

Example λ is no zero, integral froggy dx = integral [c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] + sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] - c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]] dx = integral [c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]] dx + integral [sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] - c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]] dx = 0 + integral [sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] - c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]] dx

Thats meaning each λ not zero are become harmonic for get 0 integral. The next integral is sum λ but all λ is delete from the sum when λ is no zero. it makes integral c[0] * e ^ [2πi [0 / T] x] dx + integral [sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] - sum λ is c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x]] dx = integral c[0] dx + integral 0 dx = [T / 2] * c[0] - [-T / 2] * c[0] = T * c[0]

c[λ] angle is phase shifter = δ and β = c[λ] amplitudinal is the radius of circle. froggy make sum = c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x], but the can go vector from exponentiated and is real axis is = δ * cos[2πλ + β] and imaginary axis is = δ * sin[2πλ + β] but I make sum the firsts amplitude means its become more smaller radius after each vector add

When pygame i make the circles β radius from last point and drawn line from the last point to the added c[λ] * e ^ [2πi [λ / T] x] after its done, The lines destination is last point and it will get next sum and next sum and next sum the cosine and sine for the last point and sum each λ firsts amplitude The first last point i make it the center, Also am deleted the frequency 0


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Yes!! I am become same thinkings! before transform am ffmpeg to generated sine wave with sine filter that is gotten same frequency, Both the chart. in the divisions all the sound is low quality, Its no transformed -- all sine for ffmpeg is filter_complex concat Thats lost the quality. After transform i havent try it, i will need learn the phase shifted and amplitudinals for ffmpeg generate sine wave Also some the negate frequencies


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Thats a great zine, I am finished half of read the pages! it has alot details with the comedy, The zine speaks to me -- and when is podcast Immediatism will speak it?? :)


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When cis gendered are wanting the homone they have that but When a trans gender personhood is wanting the hormones now it is big big problem :/

-- also add to estrogen the anti androgen is usefull on trans women for no orchiectomny

also not all trans persons will wanting transition medical but that is not relate on this memer xd


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I scraped from /all/most_commented?t=all -- 5 pages -- here is some thing i generate xD

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