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lol ik this's a joke but imo there's some openings here 2 talk abt fascinating items & stories :D

  • no empathy

tbf empathy ain't linear, there're affect, cognitive, compassion, somatic. affection empathy means u feel what they r feeling, cognitive's abt comprehend their mindplace, & compassion's abt actually tryna help some1. also no empathy doesn't mean no emotions, likely when ppl say this's when there isn't affection empathy. but that's some1 that feels their emotes but not other ppl's

there're dis-orders ppl that're disliked bc they've fewer empathy. does it mean they're gonna target randos? unlikely, imo the actions, how they treat ppl & why, that's more tellin' of what they actually're. it ain't the label but ppl rly out here diagnosin' ppl thru their screens or smth lol

also u don't know me, i don't know u. hence obvi u can't know what i'm feelin' & it's para-social. gotta set healthy boundary w ppl u meet on the net. & don't let some1 isolate u. actually wanna post rn abt para-social crap, title it smth like Why i'm not your friend or whatevs. but that doesn't mean don't be kind -- im kind 2 ppl who kind 2 me :3

imo feelin' shame or remorse ain't helpful. mostly 4 me doing what i wanting 2 do Ig i'm social-and-moral detached. idc abt any society or collective tellin' me what i gotta be. idc abt ego i live in the now & why idealise my-self? i'm no hero & ofc take accountability but idk why i'd wanting 2 dwelling on crap.

half-joke i could writ anarcho machiavellianism lol but trim-out all the crap abt ruling bc idc abt ruling others, it's cowardly 2 control other ppl bc the power dynamics literally enables u. but i'd consolid8 parts abt plotting or vengeance. then it's smth like de-humanise men the same way they do 2 me. abuse the abusers. but also i enjoying 2 frighten cismen bc it's fun uwu

tho tbh idc 4 lying or manipulatin'. instead i being up-front bc u don't gotta recollect what lies ur tellin' who. def 2 much energy 2 in-vest in others -- i don't go here 4 attention or validation, idc abt impressin' some rando on the net or what ppl think or whatevs, hence why lie. tho lying 4 opsec & imo lyin' 2 authority's excite.

  • wants to do away with her humanity

actually i can be racoon-possum & at moment the night the wild /u/emoticons do mutual aids, sniffin' the scement-hikes for grease, on her paws arise-open the rubbish bins & feedin' near-every1, tho tbh y don't ppl walkin' w 4 paws? twice the paw twice the run!! :O

but when ur mentall helth goes down like a meerkat in an oil pipe line, doin' billions and takin' days, u can rly comprehend feral? XD

  • speaks 1337

idk that i can say 2 much. but ill say part o' wats pub alr. but Lol 2 the most 1337 pir8's tbf's helpful when u've a group. many many groups tho u make a group w friend tho it's best u don't know em in ur day-2-day 2 stopp from snitchin', & u likely don't wanna look 4 us or any 2 join-in bc u've gotta've the best opsec near groups racing teras of pir8-media.

diff groups or ppl that're workin' on their duties. the lilest u wanna've's some1 supply & other 2 crack. but there're otherplaces 4 pir8s 2, game's & web's poppin' now. 4 widevine drm there's priv-apps 4 the groups that can bot the dl. u need 2 rm the drm bc it'll be blank when u don't. & obvi there're otherplaces that aren't pir8s that're 1337

i've made multi-host https proxy -- u can de crypt https when u learn abt how 2 do certs -- that i've made 2 pir8 a text book lol but i also've change it 2 make config more easyer. that's how i cheated my exams that had proctoring softt ware, it spies ur cam, net work, files, mic & clip board. there's likely more i 4got tho. but yes i've config a key combo 2 skirt the net-logs :D

some-months before this-day i gonna post abt that but then i didn't bc it wouldn't helpful 2 do bc the proctor wasn't wide-spread but also ppl can finger-print u from ur code. better more helpful 2 post alot guides reverse engineer soft ware guide or vm detection like screen res, mac address, dmi, ram, registry & files system. a lotta details there, that don't scratch the surf-ace on vm. or how 2 make directshow in2 ur fake cam

and unrelated -- i liked u lune music. it recollected me of that movie idk name of but there was yellow blender & it danced. That's a kudos btw. also i recollect u also learnin' how 2 programming? there u also got lil 1337 :)

Emoticons transhumanist confirmed?

i'm /u/emoticons with-out adjectives!! emoticons's a label, but it isn't who i be. there's ain't a wording for me bc i'm who i'm. and what i'm's goonna open the bin 4 the furry now :P


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Reply to comment by kin in Where's the Friday Free Talk Thread? by kin

tysm! it's the protopia u've w the phone? p neat. i read it lil hours before. i enjoy the occultists, chaos agent and the pir8s -- groups & 2 make the chaos in the mundane -- :) i'd goto a chaos fest! protopia's kinda like prefiguration?

and Likely many other r enjoy ur texts also I def enjoyin' ur other translation fr ~<3


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hate this world. it's full of abusers. well. i don't wanna be associated with this genome any more. empathy's what make a human? hence do away w my empathy bc it's use less in a world where there's none, it's all weak pathetic & disgusting. i alr don't feel remorse. no1 owes any1 kindness then i ain't gonna joy them~


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lol you're vegan?


have you considered that maybe humans are just superior animals?

i've but that's humanist. i'm not humanist

lions eat meat though? would you expect a lion to be vegan?


god gave me these canines and by god i'm going to use them.

human jaw actually more like a herbivore. carnivore's jaw go up and down but don't go side ways. human jaw can't tear 2 much. that's y they go side to side, & that's also how ppl break they jaw

and anyway, what's unethical about milk? it's not like you have to kill a cow to get milk.

u've gotta artificial inseminate and take the milk from the baby cow. likely baby die, that's veal

i just fucking love cheese too much

vegetarian loser

yeah, okay, i know it's bad but i could never give up cheese.

vegetarian loser

and anyway, what's unethical about eggs? it's not like you have to kill a chicken to get eggs.

wild chicken to lay egg like every month but breded chicken lay egg like every day. and chicken eat their eggs bc they need nutrition bc they tired from make the egg. also they kill the baby chickens which can't make egg

eating meat is natural

how u mean natural? there're also naturally eating plants

r u an authority on what's natural?

going vegan is too difficult. i can't afford to buy vegan food like [rice] and [beans].

did u try quinoa? lentils? tofu? wheat? other fruit and veg?

not all of us have the time in our lives to cook difficult meals like [rice] and [beans]

then go raw vegan

you can't survive on a vegan diet anyway.

ig i'm dead lol

b12 deficiency

fortified foods like yeast tempeh. and there's algae. also ur meat b12's isn't from meat bc they feed anti biotics

protein deficiency

lentils tofu seitan beans

iron deficiency

calcium deficiency

tofu beans kale and seaweed and soy and broccoli cabbage. basically the cruciferous veg've calcium

the vitamin c can help the iron. but also Don't eat calcium and iron the same moment bc they block eachother.

also /w/vegan_nutrition by /u/Kinshavo

going vegan doesn't make a difference anyway.

to me it does, hence i'd align to live by my anti-authoritarian principles

i'm going to eat two burgers tonight just so that you think you're making a difference and you're not lol

that's on you not me. also u doing that bc of me made a difference 4 u rofl

if farmers didn't care for animals like cows they would go extinct

extinction doesn't mean u can impose authoritarian structures on animals

they have a good life anyway

did you've a good life?

don't they look happy in the field?


don't you enjoy seeing them out in the fields looking happy?

no, also free range's a myths and when they're in the field there's not much moment and most don't go out side

and anyway, what's unethical about honey? it's not like you have to kill the bees to get honey.

some honeybee invasive also the bees keeper take the honey and give sweetening water to bee that's exploitation

lol, if everyone went vegan what would we even eat?

vegan food

i only eat humane meat that is humanely slaughtered

what's a humane slaughtered?

i know where my meat comes from

yours uncle's farm?

humans are at the top of the food chain. that's just the way it is

obvi hierarchy means violence on the ruled entities but try subversive humans

cavemen ate meat though. would you expect a caveman to be vegan?

what're you actually tryna say here? i wouldn't expect vegans to eat meat

it's tradition

most hunter gathers actually more eat plant

it's also tradition to beat women and queer ppl, do i gotta worry abt u?

plants feel pain

then eat the fruits or leaves that fall from the plant

have you thought about plants?


don't you care about plants?


you're a plant murderer

i grow plants but i can't stop the plant i grow or forage from unaliving. bc every1 unalives. what goes up must come down

you've probably killed more plants than i've killed animals

yet more plants that feed the animals you eat

plants though

yes, what about em?

and anyway, what's unethical about wool? it's not like you have to kill the sheep to get wool.

the wild sheep doesn't make the wool 2 much. sheep don't need the cut

vegan food is disgusting. i'm not going to eat that shit. i want to eat real food with real nutrients

there's vegan cook books

i read that scientists say that plants actually can feel pain

what's the mechanism by which plants actually can feel pain?

are you going to brainwash your kids into being vegan?

are you going to indoctrinate your kids into being vegan?

wouldn't you tell your kids why u do smth? i'll tell kids abt anti-authoritarianism

why not raise your kids on a normal diet and then let them make the decision for themselves

what's normal diet?

why do vegans always push their agenda on others

like carnists or cisheteronormativity or patriarchy?

it's a personal choice

yes, and you chose hierarchy.

it's fine if you don't want to eat meat, but don't tell me what to do

i ain't coercing u from speakin' to u

vegans are hypocrites anyway. you kill more field mice plowing your fields for grain than i ever killed cows

u unalive field mice and exploit animals altho world's messy it ain't perfect

what if you were stranded on a desert island with only a cow. would you eat meat then?

i'll eat what-ever herb the cow's eatin'

what if your house was on fire and inside the house was your kid and your dog and you could only save one of them? would you let your kid die and save your dog?

i don't own pets

oh you think animal testing is bad? i guess you want hundreds of thousands of people to die because they can't get the medicine that is tested on animals

there're other models 4 testing but some moments u can't do smth abt it bc it ain't perfect or practicable

oh you're vegan lol? what kind of clothes do you wear? probably made in a sweatshop, hypocrite. don't you care about human suffering?

caring abt human suffering doesn't mean u stopp carin about animal. i'm a nudist tho whyn't share cloth w friends?

oh you're vegan lol? typing that on your iphone made by slaves, hypocrite.

read the anti-civ critique of technique

yeah, i would go vegan tbf but i would miss bacon too much

idk why do miss 2 eating corpses but there're mock meats

don't you miss bacon?


also U 4got silk and riding horses and leather and vitamin D and antinutrients and circle of life and grass fed and cashews and beyond burger and bone char sugar and l-cysteine and vegan toilet paper and fish, rabbit food, the vegan pets debate & fake vegans that ride horses or eat honey. i'm actually veganer than thou /hj


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Reply to desert by zoom_zip

super happy this place's getting a revive, Niice! Tbh i kinda wanna edit this :D


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imma reply to both ur comments here :P

Wait does raddle have syntax highlighting?

a lotta months before I read the postmill source code on how it does it's mark down & high-lighting. but Yes, the syntax colouring it's from highlight.js, the js controller's in assets/js/controller/syntax-highlight-controller.js but it don't do the colour, it places css classes 4 the browser. the CSS which makes the colour actually comes from the theme ur usin'

My brain craves indentation.

ik u likely don't mean this literally -- u mean like know-ledge -- but

well u actually get a graph bc it's kinda more help full than 2 indenting the asm. u could do this in radare2 or x64dbg or there's IDA pro and Ghidra

Here's ui, radare2's cutter https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/CutterUiScreenshot2.png

also By graph, i'm not mean scatter chart. it's kinda like graph theory but the vertexes r from the basic blocks of asm

I am starting to learn a little about assembly

assembly's fun. ur comin' in from python, right? learnin curve's steep, but keep learnin more and u can do it :)

are the eax, ebx, ecx, edx, etc. names for some type of internal register?

they actually do have names! :)

Although the main registers (with the exception of the instruction pointer) are "general-purpose" in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the instruction set and can be used for anything, it was originally envisioned that they be used for the following purposes:

  • AL/AH/AX/EAX/RAX: Accumulator
  • CL/CH/CX/ECX/RCX: Counter (for use with loops and strings)
  • DL/DH/DX/EDX/RDX: Extend the precision of the accumulator (e.g. combine 32-bit EAX and EDX for 64-bit integer operations in 32-bit code)
  • BL/BH/BX/EBX/RBX: Base index (for use with arrays)
  • SP/ESP/RSP: Stack pointer for top address of the stack.
  • BP/EBP/RBP: Stack base pointer for holding the address of the current stack frame.
  • SI/ESI/RSI: Source index for string operations.
  • DI/EDI/RDI: Destination index for string operations. . - IP/EIP/RIP: Instruction pointer. Holds the program counter, the address of next instruction.

Segment registers:

  • CS: Code
  • DS: Data
  • SS: Stack
  • ES: Extra data
  • FS: Extra data #2
  • GS: Extra data #3


al ah ax are basically part of the register. al and ah are half-words, and ax's a word, eax's a double-word, rax's a quad-word. al and ah are useful for workin' with bytes. also the boot loader's starts w 16-bit, hence u'll see its also useful there :)

also here's the flags

ZF -- zero flag
PF -- partify flag
AF -- adjust flag
OF -- overflow flag
SF -- sign flag
DF -- direction flag
CF -- cary flag
TP -- trap flag
IF -- interrupt enable flag

and there're EFLAGS, RFLAGS -- you can read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLAGS_register

and repne must be a loop function. maybe repeat not equal meaning there is at least a rep and maybe a repe?

Yes, there's both rep and repe. but There's also loop loopne and loope. and Rep's a instruction prefix, not a function tho u got the right idea

tho i gotta tell u smth first, the e can seen like a z and it'll do the same work. it's not that they're 2 diff instruction but that it's how the disassembler shows it. like repe and repne are also shown like repz and repnz. loopne and loope's loopnz and loopz. and je and jne's also jz and jnz. This's bc it's when it'll say it's equal's when the zero flag's set.

there're some examples of rep, repe and repne in https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/806-3773/instructionset-64/index.html and Here're example of loop, loopne & loope https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/806-3773/instructionset-72/index.html

more details on prefixes -- https://wiki.osdev.org/X86-64_Instruction_Encoding#Legacy_Prefixes

mov must copy from one register to another?

yes. There's also cmov, movs, movsx, movzb. cmov's a conditionals move, movs's move for string esi to string edi, movsx's like mov but it sign extends, movzx's like mov but it zero extend

& there's more details here -- data transfer https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19120-01/open.solaris/817-5477/6mkuavhs9/index.html & load and move -- https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/806-3773/6jct9o0b6/index.html

I am guessing cmp tests to see if registers are equal

Yes tho u can also compare register & memory. but what it actually does's subtract and sets the CF OF SF ZF AF and PF flags. There's also test, which's like cmp but does bit-wise and instead of the subtract but doesn't define the AF flag, and OF and CF'll be 0.

push and pop are in python so I am guessing it removes / adds to the stack. Maybe also intilizes a stack too?

Yes push'll add to the stack and pop'll remove :D

but It doesn't do init. Where's the init? well Every thread's got it's own stack and the stack's set up by the kernel

and inc is increment if I had to guess.

yess! also There's dec which's decrement

is ret equivalent to return in python?

actually, kinda but there's some other details u'll need 2 know :3

ret pop the top of stack and jumps to that addr. There's also ret imm16 which pops the stack when it jumps. like u could look at ret C -- which's a imm16 -- & guess the sub-routine's gonna return 12, but that isn't what it does. in stdcall calling convention, the return's actually in eax register

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calling_convention#x86_(32-bit) show actually how ret imm16 works

& btw in functional programming, return lifts smth in2 the monad of it. Now, u don't need 2 know what's monad. The point being, what return does isn't rigid and isn't same across every language

edit: an no variables so you just have to remember what register you've designated for what. Which seems error prone

well That's how every program u've got runs. Most ppl don't do asm any-more but a compiler've an assembler which take what u've got from the higher-level language and makes the asm. Yes, there're virtual machines like java's or python's that've the python or java byte-code's. but the vm's made up of machine code 4 ur architecture, this means that it's the asm code that runs that byte-code.

u don't rly need 2 know abt java's or python's byte-code to learn asm but -- if fascinated by this's -- here's some readings

java byte-code -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_bytecode
python byte-code -- https://docs.python.org/3.8/library/dis.html#dis.Bytecode


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It's a neat theory, a charming theory. i can comprehend this emote from how this species lived before, and i made this post bc i wanting 2 know what kinda theories there're. but could there b a moment where your own inter-actions w the world subsumes this? altho i don't avoid ppl and i ain't anxious or timid, most ppl i've met irl let me down that idm isolation. now back 2 the theory, isn't there urbex that's p much the same? ig not really bc most urbex aren't alone when inside. there's also squatting but i wouldn't say it's the same. now how abt solitary confinement in prisons? this idk, it's def empty but there's next to no volume. funny how some hours before, I was thinking abt /f/akeplastictrees. I loved it bc it wasn't over-hyped. ig my contention's w how liminal's impressions're easily over-reached. also kinda unrelated but seldom i find 1 arg that isn't all over-done ciphers like binary or base64 or morse code. and a junk story-line. now idk that the first bit got much 2 do w the backrooms really, but i like how ppl r making art re-creations tho I dislike its story. tbf I've seen waaaay worse stories, and I was bein kinda harsh, there4 i'll take back the last part of what i said abt it. cuz like i've seen worse story-lines like some1 ordering a girlfriend off the deep web. that kinda janky crap lol. and kinda like how jump-scares r a hallmark, zalgo text's a hallmark. but now they both r overdone and Hey, don't let my cynicism tell u what 2 enjoy, imma whiny cranky fart of cringe takes when it comes 2 this & it's not that i'm dragging liminal spaces but that i'm not moved or convinced from seeing an empty building & tbf that's likely my loss. :)


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or the tankie relative of Chomsky but instead of ranting & raving abt unjustified hierarchy for a few years, it seems this person can't get over the allure of putincel media. I wager that will smith couldn't slap some sense in2 them bc they'd likely go fight for the anarcho-democrats in rojava

lol Idk what's in me but this-day i'm feelin' incendiary :P


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Reply to comment by Fool in Y i think putin's a incel by emoticons

TW nsfw

r u askin what kinda sex's boring 4 me? or what's it like to sex them? im gonna tell both & First allow me 2 pre-face this by sayin This's In imo, likely u'll agree in someplaces, likely u'll disagree in someplaces. i wanna hear what u thoughts r

And i put vaush in to be the anti-feminist in symbol. i didn't mean vaush literally, it in symbol bc i was wanting the meme more focused on critique a kinda personality and not how they appear which's smth i've seen in some memes round the same lines but Yes lol i got lookin in2 putin dating sims and vaush drama

k Let's begin!! ! im gonna brief on penetrate, muffing, strangulation, jackin off on crackers, putin, vaush, sounding n piquerist. and imo the ordinary often become boring but I think i draw this from what i often do and see, also this could be from how I feel in other unrelated contexts. After all, it's what you make of it and what's can be boring can be made excite

I think penetrates's can be boring when it gets kinda nonpersonal repetitive, or usual. tho trying new ways or positions or places 2 do it kinda makes a re-fresh. i give and take. also Am transfem, E could atrophy my erection tho idk but i hear there's light T cream some ppl apply on genital which isn't gonna putting dent in the E but will keep the erection.

muffing's like penetration but i found it does more 4 me. Basically it's finger in the inguinal canal. Somehow it's repetitive but also kinda freeing, idk how 2 explaining, at first it's kinda tricky, there's lil curve in there tho it's more easier when u have tucked before. i've mostly do muffing supplementary 2 when I get penetrate but i'd say it's cozy on its own.

strangulation's is actually very excite. i don't do or get this often and I prefer engaging w this w ppl i've met before. There's a related effect that isn't it but gives kinda the same feeling which's when u tap the throat close 2 the sternal notch. altho This recollects me when I deepthroated, it doesn't rly compare bc it's more like smth gentler and from the inside

jacking on crackers is def exciting but this fades, the excite's imo likely from when it's social but it doesn't need 2. bc u could demo when lone. and now from havin ppl inside, I heard more common doin it in a video chat tho idk. I've found lots intrigued but fewer would wanna go down fr. I like the unfamiliarity w fresh faces, imo this's better

to believe it or not, but i haven't bang putin or vaush. it kinda grosses me imho. When I made the compare i'm actually poking fun, n having the kinda jocular exploration that's conducive 2 it. in a way it's kinda abstract and ik Ppl would say it's excite bc they r famous but 4 me it don't cut it. altho I feel putin's more tranced in playing it up 4 the press.

and Vaush i meant it more like a symbol of men who can't find the clit n jackhammer their dick. I say it's boring bc it's kinda common, tho tbh it could be most likely young men, also I'm not saying this's smth 2 avoid bc every1 has their prefs. but obvi u gotta talk before-hand abt what u wanting and what they wanting

sounding's kinda fun. i like 2 have it ready on the side. Imo it adds a lil flair to the sesh & it busts the monotony. it's nice, i like teasing ppl w it. u needa lotta lube & i found water lube's better bc it comes out easy. The toys have diff sizes, u can find them silicone. 4 fun i try a pencil tho i didn't try that w any1 else

now I haven't try piquerist bc haven't found some1 who's willin. Here i sterile my tool like needle n razor w boiled water. i learning the major veins arteries and nerves bc I don't wanna make alot exsanguination or hurt their neurons. With cutting the epidermis it's unlikely but when cut deeper U must know abt the details or it could b deadly or permanent injure. & When wound's healin, a deep cut can do a scar.

Hope that helps <3


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Wow putin's a creep and a carnist?? i feel sorry for that bear :(

but Like putin's a stalker ex tryna get back w ukraine who wanna be an strong independent woman. putin can't handle rejection, that's y he rides a bear bc he needs 2 stroke his ego 2 re affirm his power. he thinks he can get any woman but he keeps chasing after ukraine and disrepects the boundarys and invades her personal space.