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There's a delete button on every post. This is the exact same method of deletion the admins have to use when granting deletion requests. There's no special 'delete account' button for admins.

Be a good person, and save Tequila_Wolf and/or Leftous the work of hitting 'delete' hundreds of times by doing it yourself.


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I saw the linked post talking shit about heterosexuals in general, calling them boring and bland. I'm tired to the bone of seeing people discriminate against any sexuality, and i see no justification for calling heterosexuals in general boring and bland.

Let me explain this as I see it, and as I hope you'll come to see it.

Queer people constantly face oppression to various degrees, either directly (violence, having slurs hurled at one, denied access to healthcare, denied jobs, etc.), or more indirectly (e.g. being placed in a binary gender and expected to live up to one's gender roles, going through bureaucratic hell to adopt kids because one can't naturally conceive with one's partner/because of hormone treatment, etc.). Coupled with other factors like increased rates of poverty & mental issues among queer people that's a result of this oppression, and you'll see that many of us simply aren't able to live out the typical, boring ("bland?") recipe life cishets are able to live, where you get your education, marry, have kids, work eight hours a day, leave work and pick up your kids, get old, get divored, get older, get remarried, and die. You either take pride in this, and attempt to find your own way of living, or you suck it up as best you can, stay in the closet forever, and stay unhappy until you die.

As I explained through my snarky reply, (cis-)heterosexual people don't face any of the forms of oppression I listed. Straight people don't need straight pride, because there's absolutely nothing getting in the way of them due to their sexuality. Every day is straight pride day.

With all the shit we have to go through, giving queer people an outlet for venting is important. Mocking non-queer people and their 'culture' is a typical coping mechanism, and in the article you had commented on, someone had done just that by invoking the 'straight = bland' trope. Are such generalising outbursts useless for advancing queer liberation and alienating to queer peoples' allies? I'd say 'probably' and 'no'. As far as I'm concerned, a true ally who takes up the fight on behalf of those they claim to support would understand the material conditions we suffer, and thus understand the place such outbursts come from. You feel unfairly treated when a queer person calls you 'bland'? Imagine how a queer person feels when they're beaten up because they kissed someone of their own gender.

P.S. I accept your apology, and if you haven't already been unbanned, I implore /u/Tequila_Wolf to unban you.

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I have a lot to say about your post, especially the part where you say I'm right, then start listing reasons I'm wrong, but I'll just make two points:

I have to disagree on PHP not being a limitation though, the language is declining in popularity and evolvement and most of the new programmers learn Python as their first and probably only, backend language, so that will enable more contributions in the future.

Any programmer worth their salt will be able to apply the concepts they've learnt in one language to another. At university, we're expected to grok both PHP and Python after spending a few semesters writing Java, because these languages aren't wildly different once you look beyond syntax.

If Postmill being PHP weeds out contributions from people who cannot comprehend code in terms of abstract concepts, or who cannot take ten minutes to figure out PHP's syntax, then awesome.

If someone takes over maintaining Postmill that would be the best and a reason for me to keep learning PHP.

You can be this 'someone'. Be the force of change you want to see in this world.


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Apparently many of raddle's users could contribute to the project but the language it's currently implemented in is a limitation. which means that the codebase should probably be in Python.

From what I could tell, it was always about back-seat programmers being unhappy that Postmill wasn't written in their favourite language, not PHP being any kind of limitation. I can assure you that redoing 15 months and 28,000 lines of work in Python for the benefit of talkers with a questionable commitment to the project isn't going to bring in more contributions, but will just be a massive waste of time.


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