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I suspect pagespeed would break the site in more-or-less subtle ways. In particular, since it was built in the pre-HTTP/2 era, I believe it would combine or inline all the JS assets, and thus nullify the efforts I've taken to implementing efficient caching/cache busting. With preloading and parallel loading of assets, there isn't really much point in using it nowadays.

The other headers might be worth adding. I will look into those.


emma wrote (edited )

Can you rewrite it in Python? I swear I'll totally commit myself to helping out if it's written in Python!

In all seriousness, good job. Looking forward to studying the inner workings of this.

Reply to fbi feelin sad by /u/Pop


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On the other hand, unless you really like pictures of your chin, that camera doesn't have much purpose at all.


emma wrote (edited )

I've gone ahead and implemented some blockquote styling with your code as the basis. It goes further by decreasing the contrast of the quoted text, so the rest of the post stands out. I hope people will like it.

Unfortunately, your patch still wasn't usable without modifications. I've become very bitter about putting in all the work to implement things that people request. While you actually did provide code for a change (thanks!), I wish you would have set up a dev environment and tested your modifications to lower my workload.