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I wrote that definition. It was a more of an acknowledgement of all types of feminists, including the garbage ones (e.g. TERFs, but the broader white feminist "movement" more so) and why they might be subjects of discussion here. I never meant to imply these groups should feel welcome.


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Everyone would do weird things in their css code, then something would change in the html templates and the themes would look broken. Didn't help that themes were effectively owned by their creators, leaving them alone responsible for keeping themes up to date.

Not having themes lets me make radical changes to the templates without worrying about things breaking.


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Why would you want to exclude followers of maoism, the science that dictates that everyone who isn't a maoist is a liberal and that being horny is a crime


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Decided I'm going to weigh in on this.

Deleting /f/shoplifting to stop the harassment hinges on the idea that the harassers are going to stop once that forum's gone, and that's a notion I find absurd. Trolls have found their way to Raddle from day one, and as long as this is an open space on the public internet, new trolls are going to find their way here, especially as long as controversial politics and members of vulnerable communities have a prominent presence.

I also don't support turning the site into an invite-only walled garden or whatever, although I certainly think it could be useful for some forums in order to maintain safe spaces.

All this said, I do believe /f/shoplifting brings little or no good to the site. I think the goal should be to have that forum moved to a site maintained by someone in the entitlement shoplifting community.