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The video, which quickly racked up millions of views, appears to show Biden saying that kids would approach him while he was working as a lifeguard at the public pool and straighten out his curly leg hair. The clip also shows the presidential candidate making a supposed gaffe by saying “I love kids jumping on my lap.”


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Enjoyed this comment:

Also as far as I can tell this compiles the BasiliskII emulator to JavaScript (or WebAssembly?) and then uses Electron/Chromium to run it. Which is funny because not only is it a virtual machine inside a virtual machine, but it also takes a (mostly) fast emulator and converts it to something orders of magnitude slower and more memory-hungry just for the convinience of a dev to not need to click compile on multiple OSes. And the cherry on top is it's running classic software from the era when developers actually cared about performance. It's like a self-ridiculing modern art piece.

Also enjoyed this one from someone completely clueless to what a clusterfuck Mac OS had become by its 8th incarnation:

Mac OS 8 is from a time when the Cupertino giant made a decent operating system


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Last I heard, he hadn't even filed the paperwork. The whole thing is just a convenient excuse for panicked dems to deflect blame for their probable loss onto a Black man, instead of admitting that their party, the Biden campaign, and American "democracy" at large, have issues.


Reply to Feature Requests by kano

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I can't think of anything I would ask for outside help for right now. My focus currently is improving Postmill for site operators, building new theming functionality, and in general just making minor improvements.

That said, if you want to give a shot at adding stuff, feel free, but if it's something major, do inform me first.

I was also thinking it could be cool to add two factor authentication, tho I'm aware that a lot of people aren't providing their email, but its still like a dope feature.

We used to have this back in '17, but it didn't work well due to the Symfony security component being a clusterfuck, and the questionable approach taken by the bundle (i.e. Symfony plugin) used to implement it.


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If you like this, you'll love her tweet where she asserts that "calling Palestine Israel" is "equally as offensive as misgendering a trans person".

The lady is fucking obsessed with juxtaposing the Israeli occupation with queer struggle.