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He's alright. I watch his videos from time to time. But I do think anyone watching should be acutely aware that he is a small business owner, and his rants and actions on right to repair do reflect his business interests, no matter if you think it's a worthy or lost cause or whatever. Just something to keep in mind.


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Reply to thoughts on GPL? by Ashy

The GPL v2 worked well for its intended purpose. v3 fractured the FOSS ecosystem, and drove corporations to develop their own alternatives to projects that were relicensed under it, instead of having their employees contribute to those existing projects.

Ultimately, this shows that copyright law isn't a good tool to wield against corporations to make them act responsibly/ethically, so I think developers should just choose a licence that requires as little legal understanding as possible, and doesn't conflict with other popular licences.


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Gender reveal parties themselves are a quite recent thing, but it's only been in the last few years we've heard all the reports about accidents tied to them.

Personally i feel the correlation between the increased visibility of transgender people and the increased outlandishness of these parties are connected, like making this ruckus about your baby's genitals is going to set your child's gender in stone or something. The sad thing is, the woman credited with inventing the gender reveal party only held one because she had previously had multiple miscarriages, and was only happy to get to the point where they could assign the baby's sex via ultrasound.

See: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/jul/26/gender-reveal-party-pioneer-regrets-trend