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JavaScript doesn't hinder accessibility, the website owner does. Modern screen readers interface with your browser to access the DOM tree (meaning web pages with scripts work just fine), and ARIA makes even complex web applications accessible. I'd say the average web page is probably more accessible than your average desktop application, but I don't use screen readers in my daily life so don't quote me on that.


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Bye, Dale. Maybe one day you and GNU_PONUT will learn that constantly antagonising people is 1) boring as shit, 2) going to have negative reactions and reading your responses to those is also boring as shit, and 3) not worth losing friends over.


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I suspect pagespeed would break the site in more-or-less subtle ways. In particular, since it was built in the pre-HTTP/2 era, I believe it would combine or inline all the JS assets, and thus nullify the efforts I've taken to implementing efficient caching/cache busting. With preloading and parallel loading of assets, there isn't really much point in using it nowadays.

The other headers might be worth adding. I will look into those.