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Gender reveal parties themselves are a quite recent thing, but it's only been in the last few years we've heard all the reports about accidents tied to them.

Personally i feel the correlation between the increased visibility of transgender people and the increased outlandishness of these parties are connected, like making this ruckus about your baby's genitals is going to set your child's gender in stone or something. The sad thing is, the woman credited with inventing the gender reveal party only held one because she had previously had multiple miscarriages, and was only happy to get to the point where they could assign the baby's sex via ultrasound.

See: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/jul/26/gender-reveal-party-pioneer-regrets-trend


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All I will say is that in recent years, many in the open source crowd feel disillusioned with companies taking their code and turning them into commercial products without giving back to their communities. There's a void to be filled here, and the FSF and the free software movement won't be the ones to fill it.


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Stallman resigned from his FSF and MIT positions unwillingly in September 2019 after he defended his deceased MIT colleague who had raped an underage girl on Epstein's island. This happened after ~35 years of various misogynistic antics, such as telling a woman he'd commit suicide if she didn't sleep with him.

He stayed out of the spotlight for a while, and now he's back with zero indication that he has changed, or intends to.