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Interesting topic although I'll profess my ignorance on the subject. The video mentioned in the article is not publicly available on DGR's YT channel but here is a copy of the original:

Also, search "gender" & "trans" here for other videos on the topic:

Other related articles:



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Yes, I did read the abelism side bar link you suggested and will choose my words more carefully here as a result in the future.

As specified in the Update section of my original comment, I didn't use the word euphemistically (or metaphorically)...

Good to know your thoughts on over PC madness; I'm a bit of an epistemological anarchist myself...

What did you think of the docu I linked on autism and shamanism?

Are my posts incoherent? I do put efforts to express myself as concisely as possible.


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Thanks OP for pointing that out. I am familiar with ablelism but will read through your suggestions on Raddle in regards. That one slipped through my radar...

The word delusional or perhaps the term cultural schizophrenia would have been better suited for the brigade.

Re: https://www.etymonline.com/word/insane

See PIE (Pan Indo European / Sanskrit roots):

उन्मत्त / अनुन्मत्त

Is the word sane considered abelist?

It has dubious origins dating back to the burning of the witches...

Since I consider industrial society collectively insane; being part of that (whether I like it or not), does that mean I'm discriminating against myself?

Is Erich Fromm's book titled "The Sane Society" considered abelist language?

And insanity is no joking matter...

I'm also familiar with R.D. Laing's work on the subject of "schizophrenia"(PDF) and how society discriminates against altered states of consciousness, etc.

On my mobile now with limited Internet but looking into this...


Upon further investigation, I unapologetically meant to use the word insane exactly as intended according to it's original meaning and not in a discriminatory or ableist way; I don't use the word lightly or euphemistically...

Re: https://www.mic.com/articles/146806/stop-saying-crazy-and-insane-if-you-care-about-mental-illness

This entire conversation reminds me of this documentary I saw years ago:

The Horse Boy (2009)


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Raddle needs more people/participants, improved search indexing/capability (search results are sorely lacking for some reason), a way to sort posts (by rating, newest, etc.), an area in our profile tracking posts we liked, the ability to bookmark/pin posts and some more advanced formatting features (text underlining and embedding photos or videos in posts would be nice).