eVc wrote

Reply to Adobe 2019 cracks? by Mibo

afaik the old 0.92 amt emu still works..

  • disabled internet, install as trial, download updates, use amt emu. edit your hosts file. Also Adobe Masters Collection 2019 works great.

eVc wrote (edited )

You can download anything from Spotify or Deezer with. https://notabug.org/RemixDevs/DeezloaderRemix.

Spotify for Windows Add Remover:

You can convert your Playlists to Deezer Playlist with: https://www.tunemymusic.com/ and then download with Deezloader.

If you dont wanna go this way, i would recommend Signing up for a Private Tracker. Its probably the best & safest way to get all sorts of Music.

You can find Private Trackers who opened Signups for a Short time here: http://torrentinvites.org/f37/