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The postscript, “Treatment without Checkpoints,” looks at debility within disability among the disability service providers at the checkpoints in Palestine, then extends the concept to other populations. Debilitated disability as a result of collective punishment demands a complicated activism. The desire for mobility extends beyond the individual body to the collective displaced population. Progress in achieving a positive disability identity, Puar concludes, will not come about until the end of Palestinian occupation.

(Rose on Puar, 'The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability') This postscript explains how Israel is maiming Palestinians: (content warning: explicit brutality) "men with shattered knees and other multiple permanent debilitating injuries, marking each intifada".


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Like Pittsburg antifascists wrote, antifascists need the moderates, liberals, and progressives in the streets. There were just too many Proud Boys.

One mistake we must not make is to assume that all the pieces are already on the playing board. This is not true—there are still massive sectors of society that have not yet cast their lot with one side or the other.