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Well, what is homophobia? If I say I don't hate gay people but I dislike when men act feminine and prefer to not be around them, because that is a fact and I cannot do anything about it, is that homophobia? If I make a joke about gay people, because that is simply how I speak, is that homophobia? Where is the line? Who is the judge? Will you ban me? Can't this be used as a weapon by the mods to oppress specific users? This is how oppressive regimes work.


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I had to do yoga every morning when I was in hospital. It wasn't bad actually, but I don't have the strength to continue on my own. It's more difficult than I thought.


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I guess it depends very much on the situation as there are many things to consider. In any case judge the action itself, not the person, don't create heroes. Follow ideas, not people. For example I, as a pacifist, highly admire if someone chooses to die rather than kill.


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That's why I use public domain -- I created the projects as my own creation and so it reflects and includes my views that are a very important part of my life. But thanks to it being free software and suckless, I give anyone the option to take it, make a fork and strip all the politics. Or even replace it with their own politics which I may oppose, because I believe in freedom of speech. It's something I've created for everyone and anyone can use it to communicate their own ideas.


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It can be something much simpler, the key is you should enjoy making it. Enjoy you're not under pressure of an employer or a customer, you have no deadlines. It can also help the motivation that there isn't really much software (or really just any art) like this in existence, so you can choose practically anything and be the first in history to create it. You can make games, videos, songs or books like this, just have fun, learn and contribute to society at the same time. I think that is pretty cool.