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I like to watch anti-communist propaganda movies from the 50's and 60's, like "If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?"


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Perhaps in a past age. Nearly everyone I talk to or associate with at least passively looks down on the uneducated, toothless backwoods yokels and their values and lifestyle while simultaneously claiming to be working for their material liberation.

Leftism as it exists today (in the West, at least) is a movement for middle class college activists. Still mostly white, but primarily educated, suburban, and middle class.


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I went to Maui for my sister's wedding a few years ago. It was "okay", and I don't regret getting to go and see another part of the world, but it was clearly a dolled-up part of Hawai'i put on for tourists.

There really is no "ethical" way to consume a product (in this case, a service) under capitalistic conditions.

As you can help it, though, be courteous and considerate to hospitality staff, don't make fusses over shit that doesn't matter (life's too short to get angry over little things), and show some humanity. Talk to them, ask them how their day is going. Commiserate with them.


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I started on DS9, but still haven't been able to get through it (not because it's bad, but my own attention problems, and the fact that I'm watching it on my PC in a netflix browser, where vidya gaems and tvTropes are a tab away.

I myself am deep in season 3 of TNG.


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No, I did not call them a spook. As is often the case what you've heard is the story modified by particular individuals for ideological reasons, and then endlessly repeated and propagandized until it becomes the dominant version of events remembered.


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My personal dislike of our friend defasher/KropotkinZombie/nowaydaddioh/eeplox/whatever-other-alts is because they (and the now-ex-LWSE clique which ruled r/anarchism and /[email protected] at the time) engineered my unjust banning from r/anarchism through deception and trickery, and because they're edgy drama mills that bring controversy with them wherever they go.

But don't worry, our friend is pathologically unable to walk away from the self-manufactured controversy. They'll be back with a new name, but the same old M.O., posting habits, and behavior. The trolling and bullying will continue.

For the time, though, defasher and emma fucking off actually makes this place not terribly unattractive.