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now that is an argument i can agree with

thats my main worry

i think until we get enough people to actively seek change (if that ever happens), that state of affairs wont go away

until then if either the centrists or progressives win, we bring down a powerful figure of hard right authoritarianism that inflates tension to this day

we'll still be under capitalist rule afterwards, but that doesnt mean well suffer science denying for things as essential as handling the current pandemic for instance


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voting might give legitimacy to the current political system but not voting might also give more power to white supremacists short term

ive tried to be as objective as possible

my subjective opinion is vote the massive racist out so that we keep our planned parenthood and abortions and maybe if were lucky no more concentration camps. and if you want to keep voting do so at a more local level too

im not saying itll be a magical world and all problems will disappear (pretty sure nothing will be done about climate change), but at least we can damage control somewhat and still do anarchy during 99.995% of our lives that is not the 3rd of november

ultimately do what your conscience is telling you, but please don't let the decision by guided by laziness, it should be by your morals and ideals


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ive always maintained that our best option remains candidate Giant Meteor for 2020 along with vice pres Nuclear Winter


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the big problem I had with this documentary was when they said polarization by tech was a big problem and showed... hong kong and france, two countries where there were actual problems that the people had with their government, and it was certainly not a polarization issue. i dunno, i think some of it is ok but i don't know what to think of it, I think what I found most important in it was that yes we need to have a common understanding of what's happening and that feeds contribute to there being different realities.


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You are comparing different countries with absolute numbers, which means absolutely nothing. You should always use "per capita" numbers.

You are also using cases instead of deaths which heavily rely on mass testing policies to be accurate, instead of deaths, which are more reliable when comparing countries.

The current numbers are:

  • Europe : 0.6 deaths per million with a steady rise since August
  • India : 0.8 deaths per million rising since the start of the pandemic
  • United States : 2.5 deaths per million going down overall since August

With that said, European cases numbers are more reliable now, with testing having been ramped up. So when Europeans see a steady rise there is reason for caution.